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Safety And Security Training Courses For Event Professionals | Informa
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Event Safety & Security Management Training Course | Project Management Training Course

Event Safety & Security Management

Course Director

Kenneth Wardrop | Course Director

Kenneth Wardrop

Edinburugh Napier University

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Informa has designed a series of safety and security training courses that will help professionals design doable evacuations.

When reviewing the risk assessment of a venue, the planned-for evacuation times from the space will be very different from what happens in reality – rather than everyone leaving the space at the same time immediately.

Approximately a quarter of those at the event will move closer to the issue to have a look especially if it is a fire. Half of the individuals in a concert environment will stay where they are as they will not believe that the issue is real while the remaining 25% will leave the venue immediately.

As a case in point, during the Station Nightclub fire in the US, 100 died, 230 were injured and 132 survived. The numbers were eerily close to Sime’s percentage calculations. This event security training course shows participants how to apply evacuation theory to any workplace.

Guidance and scientific principles often seem to be the first point of contact with any issue. However, the introduction of psychological and social precepts creates a more interdisciplinary approach to these areas and gives a holistic view which is more balanced when dealing with events.

This event management course will focus on a range of planning frameworks for the event and how these work in practice. Plus, thesecurity incident and event management training programme will delve into how the security and crowd management elements are fundamental to the success of an event.

Who Should Attend

Course 1

This entry to intermediate level course is mainly designed for event, communication and marketing professionals who need to improve their skills and knowledge about event organisation, planning and management.

  • Event professionals such as event organisers, coordinators, supervisors and managers
  • Festival organisers
  • Conference/meeting and exhibition planners
  • Public event officers/coordinators and managers
  • Sport event organisations

Also communication and marketing department staff, communication/ marketing assistants, coordinators and managers that will be in charge of planning events for their company.

Course 2

  • Event managers
  • Security managers, supervisors and operatives
  • Promoters
  • Venue managers
  • Site managers
  • Health & Safety operatives and managers
  • Event management students and lecturers
  • Crowd management operatives, supervisors and managers
  • Leisure managers
  • Local government officers

Benefits of Attending

  1. Understand the theory and practice of event planning, promotion and implementation
  2. Determine and examine the importance of effective project aims, objectives and budgeting
  3. Measure the importance of effective safety, security and risk management strategies
  4. Identify marketing, public relations and sponsorship strategies that will help to optimise your events
  5. Develop knowledge and skills in human resources planning and management in event organisation

Event Safety & Security Management