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Principles of Inventory Management (PIM) - Informa Middle East
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Principles of Inventory Management (PIM) Training Course | Procurement & Supply Training Course

Principles of Inventory Management (PIM)

23 September - 26 September 2019
The Address Hotel, Dubai Marina, Dubai, UAE

Level: Intermediate

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Course Director

Ravindra Tulsyan | Course Director

Ravindra Tulsyan


Course Schedule
  • 23 Sep 2019 Dubai


Managing inventories is a very important task. Inventories account for an enormous portion of a firm’s cash expenditure, ranging anywhere from 10 percent to as high as 60 percent or more. Failure to effectively manage inventories can result in excess costs that drag down company profitability and create mismatches between what is available and what customers really want. This course will focus on the purpose and function of inventory and inventory replenishment management.

The emphasis will be on improving your company’s inventory management, demand planning, forecasting, and S&OP methods and processes which will have an immediate impact on your company.

The Course Director, Ravindra, is a senior educator with KnoWerX Education and will use his wealth of real-world experience to provide valuable education for empowering you with the knowledge and skills to minimise inventory and improve customer fulfilment and retention during any market condition.

Who Should Attend

  • Supply Chain Managers and Analysts
  • Material Managers/Inventory Managers/Stock Managers
  • Logistics professionals
  • Supplier/Vendor management professionals
  • Project Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Consultants

Benefits of Attending

  • Fundamentals of Inventory Management: Recognise the role of inventory management, basic inventory flows, classes of inventory, and the inventory planning process
  • Purpose and Function of Inventory: Explore the purpose and functions of inventory, inventory management challenges, costing and valuation, and obsolete and excess inventory management
  • Inventory Replenishment Management: Practise basic ordering techniques such as the Economic Order Quantity (EOQ), lot sizing rules, stock replenishment concepts, measuring demand uncertainty, order point concepts, and understand the role of safety stock
  • Inventory Replenishment Techniques and Inventory Performance: Understand concepts of ordering with supplier lead time uncertainty, the Time Phased Order Point (TPOP), replenishment by class, ABC classification, inventory accuracy, physical inventory and cycle counting
  • Lean Inventory Theory and Practice: Explore the lean philosophy, inventory waste elimination strategies, lean inventory practice techniques, quality management, and continuous improvement

Principles of Inventory Management (PIM)