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From Technical Professional to Manager & Leader - Informa Middle East
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From Technical Professional to Manager & Leader Training Course | Leadership & Management Training Course

From Technical Professional to Manager & Leader

28 July - 30 July 2019
Kempinski Hotel, Mall of the Emirates, Dubai, UAE

Level: Intermediate

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Course Director

John Alan Davis | Course Director

John Alan Davis

Founder and Managing Director
Scott Davis Management

Course Schedule
  • 03 Dec 2019 Dubai
  • 10 Sep 2019 Riyadh
  • 28 Jul 2019 Dubai


The security and profitability of your business will depend onlong-term relationships reinforced by customer confidence in theability of managers and leaders in the supply chain. This requiresflexibility, focus, empathy, encouragement and a well-balancedattitude. It also requires good business awareness, creativethinking styles, problem solving skills, emotional intelligence andcultural understanding to guide both yourself and others towardssuccess.

This master class is for technical professionals who want toenhance their market awareness, their personal focus, and gainthe necessary skills to achieve recognition and then transitiontowards high performance management and leadership levels intheir business area.

In aspiring to advance their personal development in strategy,leadership, management skills, organisation and business focus,they will find the key to their success.

Each participant will have a chance to ask the key questions thatrelate to their own personal journey from technical professionalto manager and leader in their own organisations and share anyissues – one-to-one or in group format.

To aid this process, we have included the unique LeadershipCharter© to enable participants to assess their individual skills toachieve that next management role in their own organisation.

Who Should Attend

This unique, interactive and comprehensive executivemanagement master class has been designed with alltechnical professionals, sales professionals, strategists andbusiness analysts in mind. Those, in fact, who want torecognise and achieve their full potential as managers andleaders and then support their company in the most efficientand effective way possible will greatly benefit from thiscourse.

The programme will provide all participants with the skillsand insights to: make their working life easier and moreeffective, improve their performance, and gain the trust andloyalty of their customers. By understanding themselves andothers in their teams better, attendees will become moreconfident in building long-term relationships with theircustomers and teams.

Attendees may include:

  • Technical personnel (such as Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics professionals)
  • IT professionals
  • Construction personnel (including Mechanical, Electrical, and Maintenance professionals, as well as Architects)
  • Health and Safety professionals
  • Logistics and Operations professionals
  • Quality Technicians and Inspectors
  • Risk professionals
  • Finance professionals
  • Professionals working in Utilities, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, and Energy sectors

Benefits of Attending

  • Focus on inspirational leadership, people management, and human resource development
  • Master effective assertiveness, delegation, and negotiation skills
  • Develop analytical thinking and strategy implementation techniques
  • Gain enthusiasm, a positive mindset, and emotional strength to strive for that next role as a Manager
  • Grasp planning tools, and balance strategy and tactics
  • Learn how to manage relationships and resolve conflict
  • Understand and use the Leadership Charter©

From Technical Professional to Manager & Leader