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Emerging Technologies for Business Transformation - Informa Connect Middle East
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Emerging Technologies for Business Transformation Training Course | Information Technology Training Course

Emerging Technologies for Business Transformation

Course Director
Hossam Eddeen Saleh | Course Director
Hossam Eddeen Saleh


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Advancements in technology have resulted in immense improvements in computational power across nearly all electronic devices and enhanced capabilities in connecting the dots in an increasingly networked society. The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) which encompasses disruptive technologies and environments is changing the way we live and work!

Technologies nowadays induce governments and businesses to transform their business models, processes, and operations. Lagging behind would risk long-term survival strategies.

This insightful bootcamp is designed to engage delegates in a unique experience exploring future technologies as part of the 4IR, their history, their application, and their impact on people, societies and businesses. Attendees will learn about these technologies, and examine how they can support their business and potentially how to commercially benefit from the rise of these technologies.

The course will shed light on mature technologies that have been used to enable businesses and people, and will also cover future technologies and concepts that are in experimental stages or specifically adopted in the following areas:

  • Digital experience
  • Applied analytics
  • Blockchain
  • Enabling platforms and technologies
  • Everything autonomous
  • Everything smart
  • Cyber security

Who Should Attend

This bootcamp is designed and tailored for:

  • Anyone interested in knowing about future technologies and emerging technologies, their applications, usefulness, and how to utilise such a tremendous technological spike for business disruption, growth, and innovation
  • Those who are currently involved in the application of technology advancement to develop and improve products/services in their organisation
  • Government leaders, entrepreneurs, business leaders and technology enthusiasts who are looking for a competitive edge or gaining a “first mover” advantage in one or many technological practices
  • IT/digital professionals
  • Other non-IT/digital professionals who are interested in learning about future technologies and their applications

Benefits of Attending

  1. Understand the components of a digital economy, business value chains and the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  2. Engage in an insightful lively experience about future technologies revolutionising the lives of people, societies and enterprises
  3. Learn about the application of current and future technologies in many fields and domains, and the opportunities and
  4. Gain the knowledge to empower your organisation to seize opportunities brought by these technologies and concepts

Emerging Technologies for Business Transformation