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Cyber Security Bootcamp - Securing Your Company's Data | Informa
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Cyber Security Certification Bootcamp Training Course | Information Technology Training Course

Cyber Security Certification Bootcamp

Course Director
Steve Blais | Course Director
Steve Blais

Independent Consultant – USA

Education Partners
Continuing Professional Development (CPD) | Education Partner – Informa Middle East


Securing your organisation from those who wish to harm or steal from your business has never been more critical. As the Internet evolves and reaches into more and more of our everyday lives, there are more opportunities for criminals and others to invade our organisations and wreak havoc. IT security training can protect your organisation’s data and more.

Our cyber security training course provides an intensive, interactive exploration of the potential dangers lurking in the connected world and the methods to protect your organisation from those dangers. Sign up and become a cyber security specialist today.

Who Should Attend

Attending our cyber security bootcamp is recommended for the following professionals:

  • Cyber Security Engineers, Specialists, Analysts, Architects, Officers, Managers, or Directors
  • Information Security, Information Technology/IT Security, or Business Security: Personnel, Officers, Engineers, Specialists, Analysts, Architects, Executives, Associates, Consultants, Managers, or Directors
  • Systems Administrators, Network Architects or Engineers, (Forensics) Investigators, Auditors, Strategists, Systems Engineers or Integrators, and Technology Evangelists
  • Software Developers, Project Managers, General Managers and others involved in the creation, maintenance, or enforcement of the organisational cyber security policy, practices and procedures
  • Anyone who needs to understand the implications of cyber security on their technology and overall business operations

Benefits of Attending

  • Identify the cyber threats your organisation faces and the countermeasures against those threats
  • Prepare and maintain an effective security policy for your organisation
  • Perform security assessments and audits (using methods such as penetration testing) of the organisation's processes, technologies, communications and perimeters to determine the vulnerabilities
  • Review the latest threats (including ransomware) and what your organisation can do to fight them
  • Design security architectures that will protect your organisation and prevent cyber attacks

Cyber Security Certification Bootcamp