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People Analytics Bootcamp - Informa Connect Middle East
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People Analytics Bootcamp Training Course | HR Training Course

People Analytics Bootcamp

Course Director
Mostafa Azzam | Course Director
Mostafa Azzam

Managing Director, The HR Talent®

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It has often been said that HR leaders are missing a great opportunity to add value. A strong case can be made that HR needs to develop much better Metrics and Analytics. Many studies have identified Metrics as one of the key characteristics that lead to HR being a strategic partner in corporations. It has been shown that companies that engage in effective human capital analytics (<14%) outperform their competitors in several aspects, including; quality of hire, retention, leadership capabilities, whilst also being ranked higher in their employment brand.

This four-day workshop will provide you with a framework to develop, build and implement People Metrics and Analytics in your organisation. It will create a continuum of progress from the tactical to the strategic side of People Analytics and provide new approaches and formulate needed to enable your HR function to stay abreast of major workforce trends and disruptions.

Is HR Ready for Big Data?!

Who Should Attend

HR professionals, of all disciplines and levels, striving to understand and analyse data in order to make effective and impactful data-driven recommendations and decisions.

Benefits of Attending

  1. Understand how to focus People Metrics and Analytics efforts to gain insight and get meaningful business impact
  2. Link HR activities and results to your business strategy through People Analytics
  3. Create performance standards through Workforce Metrics and Analytics
  4. Use Workforce Metrics and Statistical Analysis techniques to describe, predict and prescribe workforce trends and make smart workforce decisions
  5. Communicate analytical results and Present an effective and engaging story with data

People Analytics Bootcamp