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Organisational Agility - Informa Connect Middle East
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Organisational Agility Training Course | HR Training Course

Organisational Agility

Course Director
Frederik Haentjens | Course Director
Frederik Haentjens

Human Capital & Organisational Transformation Author| Organisational Design Thinker

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We deal with constant change, uncertainty, and instability every day. Yet many organisations still plan only for the predictable — and then are caught unprepared for what happens. To avoid a potentially disastrous outcome, high-performing organisations build the capability and capacity to change and adapt quickly to shifting market conditions. They create high levels of agility, which create new opportunities for innovation and better project outcomes. The role of learning and development (L&D) professionals is to ensure that individuals and organisations have the skills they need to grow and develop. We often see organisational L&D packages reflecting conventional leadership and management assumptions and practice.

These days organisation practices are more likely to be innovative, digitally enhanced and emphasise self-guided learning. However, we could be heading for a problem if the skills they develop are better suited to our past than our future. The answer is: Develop an agile organisation.

Who Should Attend

This practical and interactive course is designed for everybody involved in planning or supporting structural changes in an organisation.

Benefits of Attending

  1. Maintain a continuous flow of improvement opportunities for productivity and cost-effectiveness
  2. Accelerate the pace of change within the organisation and improve the quality of outputs at all levels
  3. Effectively manage complexities and build resilience
  4. Foster higher levels of enthusiasm, motivation and engagement
  5. Facilitate commitment and personal accountability for results at all levels within the organisation
  6. Drive growth towards developing into a ‘Learning Organisation’
  7. Promote creativity and innovation within teams and individuals

Organisational Agility