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Certificate in Agile Performance Management & Performance Appraisals - Informa Connect Middle East
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Certificate in Agile Performance Management & Performance Appraisals Training Course | HR Training Course

Certificate in Agile Performance Management & Performance Appraisals

Course Director

Robert Mosley | Course Director

Robert Mosley

Global Remuneration Expert and Consultant and CEO
Lemon Pip Consulting Limited

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Agile Performance Management

Establishing and managing a performance management culture, determining Key Results Areas (KRAs), setting objectives and the traditional Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) or the traditional Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), adopting the new agile approach of setting monthly milestones and using agile Must-Do, Could-Do and Should-Do targets (MSCs), and establishing the right competencies and behaviours for all the roles in an organisation are some of the critical cornerstones of any HR department. It is crucial to design and define the right performance management system that supports your business objectives and encourages the development of each individual employee. HR professionals already know that individual performance management is an important tool for improving organisational performance. This course shows in a practical way how you can build and implement an agile individual performance management system working successfully and how to achieve and implement and a culture of performance management.

Moreover, this new-and-improved course will also share latest best practice approaches for abandoning the annual end-of-year performance appraisal meeting and annual KPIs, by moving to monthly milestones and monthly “MSCs”, and monthly 2-minute feedback sessions.

Performance Appraisals & Ratings

Individual performance appraisals help you manage the performance of each employee in your organisation. However, unless you clearly link a performance appraisal to corporate goals and see it as part of the responsibilities of an effective manager, it can be nothing more than a tick-box paper exercise. Traditional appraisals have sometimes had no links to corporate performance or individual employee results. This topic will provide a solid foundation on how appraisals lead to performance ratings which can be used in the specific context of pay-for-performance and the general context of HRM.

Who Should Attend

This is a highly practical five-day course on “Next Generation PM&PA” including “Replacing KPIs by MSCs” and the new approaches for Performance Management (PM), Performance Appraisals (PA) and Pay-for-Performance (P4P). This course is designed for everyone who requires an appreciation or an in-depth knowledge of managing performance and implementing a performance appraisal system underpinned by objectives and competencies as part of an overall performance management approach.

This includes HR generalists at all levels of their careers, as well as specialists who focus on performance and compensation, and all managers from all functions who have to manage performance of employees.

It also includes all line managers from all functions who have to manage the performance of their employees.

Benefits of Attending

  1. Learn about the truths and myths concerning the “Death of Performance Appraisals” and discover the new trend of monthly milestones via MSCs rather than annual goals via KPls
  2. Understand the three critical components of an effective performance management system - setting objectives, measuring competencies and planning development
  3. Increase business and employee performance by developing clear and SMART objectives in the new format of MSCs which explain to your employees what is expected of them
  4. Implement a pay-for-performance culture as a key component of your HR strategy by aligning your performance appraisal system and rating scale with your annual pay reviews

Certificate in Agile Performance Management & Performance Appraisals