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Financial Risk Management - Informa Connect Middle East
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Financial Risk Management Training Course | Finance Training Course

Financial Risk Management

Course Director
Arif Ahmed | Course Director
Arif Ahmed

South Asian Management Technologies Foundation

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The management of financial risk is vital for all companies as these risks have the potential to cause a company to collapse if they are not identified and mitigated. This financial risk exists in many forms, for example, currency risk, commodity risk, interest rate risk, funding and liquidity risk, and credit risk.

The course identifies sources of financial risk and examines how these risks can be assessed and quantified. It recommends and justifies techniques and tools to mitigate the risks in different situations and within the context of a risk management framework. Many of these techniques involve the application of financial derivatives. Therefore, you will examine common uses of forwards, options, interest rate and currency swaps, and credit default swaps. You will look at how these derivatives are priced, how their values are affected by external factors, and how their use gives rise to operational and counterparty risks.

You will work on case studies throughout the course to illustrate practical applications of the course material. The cases are based on real-life companies exposed to financial risk and show the risk management solutions they apply. The companies are drawn from a variety of sectors such as oil and gas exploration and production, airlines, airports, agriculture, engineering and retail.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for anyone who is involved in managing financial risk or who needs to analyse or understand the financial risks arising from a company’s business operations.

The course will also be very beneficial to those within the organisation applying solutions to mitigate the risks, or senior management wanting to understand their Treasury activities. Likewise, external stakeholders looking in to evaluate the risks within the company and the effectiveness of the risk management framework would highly benefit from the course.

Benefits of Attending

  1. Critically discuss the structure of risk management frameworks
  2. Examine sources of currency, commodity, interest rate, funding and liquidity, and credit risk, and examine how to assess and quantify them
  3. Compare and contrast the characteristics of common derivatives: forwards, options, interest rate and currency swaps, credit default swaps
  4. Calculate estimated values for derivatives
  5. Recommend and justify hedging solutions to mitigate currency, commodity, interest rate, funding and liquidity, and credit risk

Financial Risk Management