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Effective Legal & Business Writing Course For Legal Experts | Informa
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Effective Legal & Business Writing Training Course | Business Operations Training Course

Effective Legal & Business Writing

Course Director
Herbert Wolfson | Course Director
Herbert Wolfson

Managing Partner
Emirates Law Network LLC

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Continuing Professional Development (CPD) | Education Partner – Informa Middle East


Many employees and managers encounter a wide variety of legal documents including contracts, legal advice and legal opinions that are prepared by attorneys or government regulators, but may also include emails, letters and other correspondence that may be written by attorneys or non-lawyers. Employees and managers must therefore be able to recognise the different types of legal writing and their purposes, understand how to interpret what these legal documents say,and know how to draft or edit documents that have legal implications.

In this course, delegates will learn: how to decipher legal jargon; how and when to use or avoid legal jargon in their own writing; how to recognise and better understand legal documents written by others; and how to enhance their own legal writing skills through techniques that result in clearer and more effective writing.

Who Should Attend

  • Professionals who are responsible for drafting or editing documents that have legal implications
  • People who want hands-on training to improve their skills when drafting, editing, and reading contracts

Benefits of Attending

  • Improve your understanding of the legal documents you encounter in your workplace
  • Enhance your writing confidence by using practical techniques to improve the clarity of your legal writing
  • Apply correct templates and layout guidelines to streamline your writing process
  • Learn how to structure different types of legal writing and avoid common errors
  • Improve your internal and external communication abilities

Effective Legal & Business Writing