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Data Analytics: Concepts and Understanding - Informa Connect Middle East
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Data Analytics: Concepts and Understanding Training Course | Business Operations Training Course

Data Analytics: Concepts and Understanding

Course Director
Manoj Chiba | Course Director
Manoj Chiba

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Continuing Professional Development (CPD) | Education Partner – Informa Middle East


Data and data analytics is transforming industries across the globe. No industry will not be affected by the effective and efficient analysis of data to drive decision-making. It is against this backdrop that an imperative skill for decision-makers in organisations is data analytics; having a working know-how knowledge of the data analytic techniques to enable decision-making is therefore imperative.

With the above in mind, regardless of whether organisations have an analytics department or not, leaders need to understand how they may produce analytics that enables and facilitates their decision-making, and informs their business unit strategy.

By attending the course, you will learn what data is, and how to leverage data analysis techniques to improve operational and strategic decision-making. You will understand the fundamentals of data and data analysis, allowing you to apply the correct techniques based on the type of problem and type of data you deal with.

You will be able to understand and evaluate when to use data, and which statistical tools to use to produce specific outcomes. Your analysis will be underpinned by an understanding of the correct use of the right data visualisation techniques. Given that the lens of the course is in the context of business decision-making, the course is geared to ensuring you can learn how to leverage data to make sound business decisions.

Who Should Attend

Middle managers who are tasked with managing, using and leveraging data and data analytics insights for business impact will benefit from attending. Professionals at middle management require data skills to: firstly, transition from middle to senior management; and secondly to make evidence-based decisions to ensure business objectives and strategy development imperatives are met.

Benefits of Attending

  1. Understand the fundamentals of data and data analysis
  2. Apply the right tools to enable impactful data analysis
  3. Produce insights to complement and enhance business cases
  4. Understand how to move from uncertainty to a usable probability
  5. Learn how to measure impact of your data analytics

Data Analytics: Concepts and Understanding