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Data Analyst Certification Course In Dubai - Sign Up With Informa
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Certificate in Advanced Data Analysis Training Course | Business Operations Training Course

Certificate in Advanced Data Analysis

15 December - 19 December 2019
Dubai, UAE

Level: Advanced

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Course Director

Gautam Verma | Course Director

Gautam Verma

Cognilytic Technologies

Course Schedule
  • 15 Dec 2019 Dubai


Planning on becoming a data analyst? Start your career with getting a data analyst certification from Informa.

The modern organisational manager or specialist is expected to work with the masses of data available from organisation-wide IT systems. Furthermore, the individual is expected to make decisions based on data or provide precise analysis and recommendations for other senior managers/executives to base their decisions on.

To do this effectively means recognising patterns and analysing these using the best tools for the job. This is often in the form of computer spreadsheets and associated add-ins. Data analysts need to know how to recognise trends and analyse what the figures mean for the organisation. They must also know how the data will affect other factors, such as the cost of fuel to a transportation firm.

Our data analytics course in Dubai will provide you with a rich toolset to help you make better decisions and recommendations. Taking up our data analysis training course will develop your capability and confidence in performing data analysis at your job.

Who Should Attend

The data analytics training course is suitable for anyone who needs to use data analysis in their job role. This includes strategists, programme/ project managers, business analysts, business process managers, etc.

Benefits of Attending

  • Increase your awareness of techniques to provide quantitative support for management decisions
  • Recognise patterns in data and choose the best tools to analyse these
  • Develop your understanding of trends and sensitivity
  • Gain tools to make better recommendations and decisions
  • Build your confidence in influencing decisions, through quantitative analysis

Certificate in Advanced Data Analysis