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Certificate in Risk Appetite & Strategy - Informa Connect Middle East
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Certificate in Risk Appetite & Strategy Training Course | Audit, Risk & Governance Training Course

Certificate in Risk Appetite & Strategy

Course Director
Afroditi Boura | Course Director
Afroditi Boura

Senior Risk & Compliance Manager
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Risk appetite is a core element of every Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) approach, system, framework. It is also an essential requirement for many corporate governance codes. Risk appetite can be complex but, must be measurable. Organisations may have a range of risk appetites – not just one – and they should consider their risk management capability, capacity, profile and their maturity level in terms of risk management.

Risk Appetite, Risk Tolerance, Corporate Governance Codes, Performance, ERM, Risk Governance, and Strategy are co-related and are the responsibility of the Board. Therefore, members of the Board and the senior management have a crucial role in terms of the risk appetite. Stakeholders, including shareholders should also be considered as core players at the beginning of the process.

Often failure to achieve strategic objectives, is a reflection of the ignored risks associated with orgsnisational strategy. Just as sustainability and resilience are principles of good governance for the organisation, so is a sound risk appetite. Risk appetite should be aligned with the strategic objectives of the organisation, as well as with its performance, its risk culture, and its corporate governance principles.

This course aims to guide you through defining, implementing, and monitoring your organisation’s risk appetite while taking into consideration all the aforementioned elements.

The course will include case studies, references, practical solutions, and exercise workshops.

Who Should Attend

  • Directors of the Board and Board Committees
  • Senior Management
  • Risk Managers and Chief Risk Officers
  • Internal and External Auditors
  • Audit Committee Members
  • Compliance Managers and Compliance team
  • COO and Operations Executives
  • Chief Legal Officer and Legal team

Benefits of Attending

  1. Develop effective and efficient risk appetite to support the strategy and the objectives
  2. Implement, evaluate, maintain, and improve the current risk appetite and risk management system, and enhance good governance for the organisation
  3. Implement ERM and good governance principles throughout the organisation

Certificate in Risk Appetite & Strategy