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Crisis Management & Communications (Online Training) - Informa Connect Middle East
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Crisis Management & Communications (Online Training) Training Course | Business Operations Training Course

Crisis Management & Communications (Online Training)

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In times of crisis, organisations must be responsive, not reactive, organised and effective in communicating with stakeholders. In this course, we start by defining crisis communication and then empower you to learn what to communicate, to whom, and by when in any instance.

Delegates learn how to be proactive in advance of any crisis and reflective post-crisis and are empowered with tools, templates, action plans and actual role playing to develop their ability to be effective and efficient in crisis communications. The course, operated in a workshop setting, includes case studies, stakeholder identification, and best practices for message creation and delivery to ensure great results for the organisation.

Key Areas Covered On This Course

  • Crisis dynamics: lessons for how crises originate and develop
  • Stages of crisis communication and escalation protocols
  • Key ingredients and approaches to formulating a crisis communication strategy
  • Identifying the Team and their roles: Who does what in a crisis?
  • Coordination with top management and other departments
  • Crisis communication response systems and protocols best practice
  • Create crisis resources such as manuals and online platforms
  • Create decisive crisis messages and holding statements
  • Case studies: examples and consequences of strong and weak crisis communication in practice
  • Simulation and training
  • Engage confidently with journalists and in social media during a crisis

Who Should Attend

For anyone who wants to gain a greater understanding of Crisis Communication, and wants to be challenged by realistic scenarios, this is an opportunity not to miss. This course is recommended for all those involved in planning, preparing and responding to a crisis affecting an organisation, whether as executive managers, spokespeople or communication professionals.

Benefits of Attending

  • Gain practical experience and mock critical conversations to powerfully prepare for communicating in times of crisis
  • Build action plans to support an effective crisis communication response
  • Organise the team of responders and create what is needed to prepare them for their roles
  • Draft actual messages and develop plans for their distribution (stakeholders and platforms)
  • Build confidence and self-assuredness that allows for powerful leadership in the face of potential panic

Crisis Management & Communications (Online Training)