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Live Online

An Informa Connect facilitator-guided Live Online course provides you with the opportunity to upskill in your chosen business topic, learning from an exclusive Informa training expert and through sharing ideas, best practice and experiences with your peers.

Online & Participative

Each module is re-designed for accelerated learning with a Live-online audience

Each module is constructed of short presentations, tasks, case-studies, simulations, gamification, discussions, assessments and collaborative group work using online tools

Course Length & Structure

Our courses are broken down into modular format. The courses are usually delivered in 3 x 75 min to 90-minute sessions per day.

Class Size

In order to maximise the experience and ensure optimum engagement and learning, we encourage and allow for each learner to:


  • Consider the subject content in your own work environment
  • Evaluate your current knowledge vs. what you are being taught
  • Take ample opportunity to ask questions and reinforce key concepts


  • Share ideas and experiences in a safe environment
  • Tackle common challenges by developing new behaviours or ways of thinking
  • Create a launchpad for innovation within your organisation

Learner Onboarding

Most people today are familiar with classroom-based face-to-face learning, so transitioning to Online Learning requires a small amount of time upfront to ensure you enjoy your experience from the outset, without the distraction of tech delays.

Informa has a team dedicated to:

  • Onboard, handhold and troubleshoot every learner prior to the course so that you are familiar with our learning system
  • Give you tips and tricks to get the most out of your learning experience
  • Be available and assist learners throughout delivery, so that your learning is uninterrupted
  • Assist our facilitators so that their entire focus is on the learners and their learning experience

Online Platform Features

  • Content Sharing – Videos, Course Materials, Handouts and Presentations
  • Delegate Engagement – We boost engagement and knowledge retention with activities and case studies
  • Virtual Interactivity – Questions, Polls, Quizzes, Slides, Images, GIFs and Visual Real Time responses to create fun and engaging presentations
  • Breakouts Rooms – Brainstorm ideas, boost engagement and embed deeper thought patterns in small groups
  • Hand Raising – Attendees can signal when they need to ask a question
  • Chat Function – Exchange messages and share files or useful links individually or with everyone
  • Device-Neutral – Attendees can join training sessions from their PC, Laptop, Tablet or Phone
  • Assessments – Evaluate knowledge retention and get immediate feedback