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Master’s Certificate in Human Resource Management - Informa Connect Middle East
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Master’s Certificate in Human Resource Management Training Course |  Training Course

Master’s Certificate in Human Resource Management

Earn a globally recognised, real-world, practitioner-based Master’s Certificate in Human Resource Management (HRM) awarded by SHRM.

A globally recognised, real-world, practitioner-based Master's Certificate in Human Resource Management (HRM) in the region.

This unique Master's Certificate consists of four, week-long (five-day) courses:

SHRM Course 1 - Strategic Workforce Planning / Human Resource Development 24 - 28 February 2019
SHRM Course 2 - Creating a Talent Acquisition Strategy / Succession Planning 24 - 28 March 2019
SHRM Course 3 - Total Rewards / Employee Engagement & Relations 11 - 15 November 2018
SHRM Course 4 - Your Role as the HR Business Partner / Strategic HR 16 - 20 December 2018

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Master’s Certificate in Human Resource Management
SHRM is proud to launch its globally recognised, real-world, practitioner-based Master’s Certificate in Human Resource Management (HRM) in the Middle East. A comprehensive, experiential HR Certificate programme derived from the same Body of Competency and Knowledge (SHRM BoCK™) used to develop the world-renowned SHRM-CP™ and SHRM-SCP™ professional HR certifications. This Master’s Certificate is uniquely designed: no prerequisites are required, the learner can enter the programme at any time, and there is an option to earn an Associate’s Certificate. Plus, the complete Certificate programme involves a wide variety of learning experiences including: group discussions, individual and group activities, case studies, toolkit development and a post-test reinforcement of learning at the end of every part of each course. The complete Master’s Certificate consists of four, week-long (five-day) courses. Each course covers two core HR subject areas followed by a knowledge-based exam. The entire Master’s Certificate must be completed in four weeks of instructor-led class time. Completion of both parts of each course plus successfully clearing its corresponding exams are deemed completion of one ‘Course’ of SHRM Master’s Certificate in HRM. Courses of the Certificate are allocated as 1, 2, 3 and 4. Though there is a recommended course sequence, because the Courses are achieved cumulatively – not sequentially, the learner has complete flexibility to take the courses in any order they choose.

*This Certificate entitles you to earn up to 60 Professional Development Credits (PDCs) towards SHRM-CP/SHRM-SCP re-certification*

Associate’s Certificate in HRM
It is possible to earn an Associate’s Certificate in HRM awarded by SHRM. To qualify the learner must complete two of three Courses (i.e. 30 credit hours) excluding: HR Business Partner and Strategic Human Resources.

Who Should Attend

This comprehensive HR certificate programme is ideally suited for:

  • HR generalists or HR specialists seeking to gain further practical skills and up-to-date insights in all of the key domains of HR
  • Individuals currently working in HR who lack a formal academic qualification in business or HR
  • Individuals considering transitioning into an HR managerial role
  • Individuals holding a professional HR or academic qualification acquired over 5 years ago
  • Individuals who believe in competency-based, practical, real-world learning experiences
  • HR practitioners who prefer an experiential learning environment combined with a shorter, less complex, knowledge-based exam to verify their learning
  • Individuals seeking an HR qualification issued by the world's largest HR association – SHRM, but who may not (yet) be eligible or not wish to challenge the SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP

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Course 3 Total Rewards | Employee Engagement

  • 08 - 12 November 2020 Dubai


Total Rewards

Total Rewards encompasses direct and indirect remuneration approaches that employers use to attract, recognise, and retain workers. HR demonstrates value by designing and administering systems and programmes (e.g. base pay, benefits, incentive pay, leave, perquisites, retirement) that support recruitment and retention efforts. This module outlines a comprehensive, step-by-step approach to designing, implementing, administering, and maintaining a compensation system.

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement solidifies the connection and relations among employee, manager, and the organisation's mission, vision, values, and goals. HR demonstrates value by understanding and leveraging the employer-employee relationship from both individual and organisational perspectives, developing effective strategies to address appropriate expectations for performance and behavior from employees at all levels. Key considerations include: culture, work-life balance, ethics and CSR. This module uses a real-world case study capstone lesson to reinforce the learning objectives.

Course 4 HR Business Partner | Strategic Human Resources

  • 13 - 17 December 2020 Dubai


HR Business Partner

Develop the necessary skills to become an effective HR business partner and maximise the value of HR in your organisation. Explore the positive impact of the HR business partner role and how the use of an HR business partner structure improves HR services across an organisation. How to build a business case and engage in group discussions to enhance your consulting skills, business acumen and analytics to strategically contribute to organisational goals.

Strategic Human Resources

Strategic HR involves organisational planning to achieve success and create value for stakeholders. HR demonstrates value by contributing its perspective and expertise to development of the enterprise strategy, and by developing, implementing, and evaluating an HR strategy aligned with the organisation’s goals, values, and tactics, as defined in the enterprise strategy. A case study is used at the end of each lesson to reinforce the learning objectives.