Professional Consulting Services Offered By Informa Middle East
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Professional Consulting Services

Informa Connect’s status as a leading provider of specialist conferences and learning, means that we are uniquely positioned to help with your consultancy requirements & provide you with professional consulting services. Our exclusive partnerships with subject matter experts will help you tackle challenging business and performance issues that require timely execution or advanced levels of experience.

Informa’s business consulting services have helped steer executives and employees through a multitude of challenges facing today’s businesses. Our expertise and competencies include:

  • Digital Transformation
  • HR Transformation
  • Strategy Clarification and Execution
  • Assessment, design, and implementation of new policies and procedures
  • Lean Business Process Management
  • Process Improvement
  • Performance Management
  • Leadership
  • Change Initiatives
  • IT/Technology Consulting

Why Informa?

  • Large-scale consulting firms in Dubai are generally only interested in ‘big’ projects – typically 100s of man-days with exorbitant fees
    • Informa can offer smaller-scale and flexibility
  • Many consulting firms ‘blood’ their talent in growth markets to gain experience
    • Informa consultants are leaders in their field and work independently of political influences. You’ll get to work with the best!
  • Many of the larger consulting firms in the UAE often require formal commitments for the full period of the engagement
    • Informa offers you flexibility, adjusting the man-days up or down dependent on the rate of progress, client understanding and internal capabilities.
Our promise is a highly proactive approach to consultancy projects, building relationships, credibility and an ability to provide respected and genuinely helpful counsel, up to (and including) CEO level.
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