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Although team building may seem like a splurge, it’s worth the effort. According to statistics, it’s important for businesses to have effective communication as it decreases employee turnover by up to 50%. Team building bridges the gap and forces colleagues to interact and communicate in a fun and challenging environment. With this in mind, the event can only be fun if it’s well organized and safe for all parties. As ‘escape room’ challenges gain popularity in the Middle East and Africa, there are still some trials that are done in outdoor or somewhat risky locations. Here are four methods to ensure staff safety.

Ensure the Weather Conditions are Suitable
A fun day outdoors can prove tricky in harsh desert climate or dense, forested locations. As the organizers of the event, it is in the best interest of the company to ensure that all preparations are in order. This means providing sufficient fluids, meals, protection against wildlife and insects, and against extreme weather conditions. One of the best ways to ensure the event is successful is to split the time between indoor and outdoor activities. This ensures that there is sufficient shelter should the weather turn.

Build Skills Safely
Popular extreme activities such as tree-jumping and other activities are often used to promote team building, however, not everyone is in the physical shape required to perform this safely. The same goes for abseiling and zip-lining events. Weight restrictions and health conditions are just two of the reasons these may not seem suitable. Furthermore, although these activities can be fun, they don’t promote teamwork and can hardly be classified as team building events. These events can also lead to legal issues due to the exclusion or forcing staff to participate.

Proper Risk Assessment
Although many are in favor of socially beneficial events, employers still need to take reasonable care to ensure the safety of staff. This is important to remember, as this means they are not able to defer the safety matters to others, such as event companies. This means that if a claimable event arises, employers may have to foot the bill even if another party was hired to arrange the event.

Have the First-Aid Kit Handy
It’s important to ensure the events have proper safety personnel present if called for. This includes personnel trained in first aid, fire safety, and other skills specifically required for the day. This could include possible burns or cuts during a cookout event, water hazards, or even just bumps and scratches.

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