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Last year, research from YouGov for Huthwaite International showed that leading business decision makers consider personal qualities and soft skills to be key in a successful career.

Here are the five areas you should work on in order to advance:

1. Leadership and people management
If you can prove that you can drive others forward and encourage the best from them, then you will quickly become a desirable asset to any business.

There are many different kinds of leadership styles and methods that can come across as a positive and useful addition to any workplace.

2. Teamwork and flexibility
Presenting a cooperative and helpful attitude at work is more likely to encourage positive interaction and feedback from clients and teammates.

A willingness to occasionally undertake reasonable requests from colleagues and change plans to accommodate others will earn you respect and a good reputation among co-workers.

3. Public speaking and presentation
Being able to confidently communicate ideas and information across the board enhances your image within an organisation and is a valuable advantage in client relations.

The blog previously featured ‘The secrets of public speaking’ with advice on how to master the potentially nerve-wracking prospect of speaking to an audience. We also covered ‘Powerful Presentations’ – find out how the 30, 20, 10 rule could make all the difference!

4. Negotiation and persuasion
The ability to sell and effectively promote ideas and products is a far-reaching skill sought after in most industries, not just sales or retail.

According to YouGov, financial services in particular advocate listening and questioning capabilities as being helpful to career progression.

5. Problem-solving and critical thinking
Unexpected blockers are an inevitability in every business but how you respond to them creates a great opportunity to impress.

Learn how to keep a cool head and think things through in even the most stressful of situations and you will quickly become the office go-to for critical decisions.

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