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IFRS - International Financial Reporting Standards
المعايير الدولية لإعداد التقارير المالية IFRS
Gain valuable insights and advice on the principles and application of IFRS
23 – 26 July 2017
Venue TBC, Dubai, UAE
17 – 20 December 2017
Venue TBC, Dubai, UAE
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IFRS are well established as the global accounting standards for all business sectors. IFRS are being implemented in every industry and organisation. The challenge is to keep updated with the changes and new standards that are being released on a regular basis. Therefore, learning to apply these standards properly is no more a luxury but a necessity for every accountant, auditor, financial analyst and financial professional.

The correct adoption of IFRS promises organisations many benefits, including enhanced investor confidence, greater consistency and transparency of financial reporting, as well as the ability to compare financial information from companies around the world. This course will ensure you are fully aware of all the recent developments in international accounting, by offering complete information on how to successfully implement IFRS in your organisation.

يستمر مجلس معايير المحاسبة الدولية (IASB) بسعيه لتحسين معايير التقارير المالية الدولية (IFRS) التي عرفت سابقًا بمعايير المحاسبة الدولية(IAS). سوف يتمكن المشاركون في هذه الدورة القيمة من التعرف إلى كافة التطورات الأخيرة في مجال المحاسبة الدولية.

Course Content
  • General Principles And Balance Sheet Related Standards
  • Balance Sheet Related Standards
  • Profit And Loss Related Standards And Fair Value Measurement
  • Group Accounting Standards And First Time Adoption
  • المعايير الدولية لإعداد التقارير المالية IFRS - تحديث ضروري
  • IFRS1 – أول إعتماد للمعايير الدولية لإعداد التقارير المالية IFRS
  • عرض البيانات المالية
  • قياس الأداء المالي
  • التضامن بما في ذلك قضايا العملات الأجنبية
  • التقارير القطاعية
  • تقدير الإيرادات
  • الأصول الملموسة وغير الملموسة
  • الخصوم والأحكام والنفقات الطارئة
  • المحاسبة للأدوات المالية في ظل معايير IFRS 7 وIFRS9 وIAS32 و IAS39
  • أثر تنفيذ التوجيهات – الأسئلة والأجوبة
  • تصنيف الديون/الاسهم
  • مبدء القياس الفعلي والقيم المعادلة والانخفاض الحاد (التدهور)
  • محاسبة التحوّط
  • عمليات الكشف المالية
Who Should Attend
  • Chief Accountants
  • Group Finance Directors
  • Heads of Finance
  • Finance Managers
  • Financial Controllers
  • Accountant
  • Management Accountants
  • Executive Directors of Finance
  • Managers of Financial Accounts
  • Heads of Accounting and Administration
  • Finance and Information Systems Managers
  • Financial Analysts
  • Auditor
  • Portfolio Managers
  • Security Analysts
  • Credit/Investment Analysts

تم تصميم هذه الدورة لجميع المحاسبين والخبراء الماليين الذين يحتاجون إلى مواكبة معايير المحاسبة الدولية.

Benefits Of Attending
  • The latest developments in the growing worldwide use of IFRS
  • Up-to-date IFRS Exposure Drafts (EDs), Discussion Papers (DPs) and annual improvement projects
  • Detailed practical examples on the implementation and application of accounting and financial reporting concepts
  • Real-world challenges to applying IFRS, and strategies to overcome them
  • فهم أحدث التطورات في تزايد استخدام المعايير الدولية لإعداد التقارير المالية IFRS في العالم
  • مناقشة أحدث معايير التقارير المالية الدولية ومسودات العرض (Exposure Draft) ولجنة معايير المحاسبة الدولية IASCF
  • التعرف على تحديات تطبيق المعايير الدولية لإعداد التقارير المالية IFRS واستراتيجيات التغلّب عليها.

    Prof. Arif Ahmed
    South Asian Management Technologies Foundation

    Prof. Arif Ahmed is a Chartered Accountant and MBA (Finance) and has 25 years of experience under his belt in the area of finance and risk management.

    In addition to training, Prof. Ahmed has assisted many organisations to design and implement financial management and control systems across various industries including media,metals and minerals, logistics, banking, engineering, energy, hospitality, paper, etc.

    He is one of the most sought after speakers for his inimitable style of blending concepts with application in industry. Prof. Ahmed is the Director of South Asian Management Technologies Foundation based in India.

    Prof. Veena Hingarh
    Joint Director
    South Asian Management Technologies Foundation

    Prof. Veena Hingarh is a Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary, and a Certified Information System Auditor. A career rank-holder, Prof. Veena focuses on the areas of finance and their interface with information technology as her specialisation. Delegates gain from her insight into the working of finance and its integration with IT.

    Prof. Veena is the Joint Director of South Asian Management Technologies Foundation, India.

    Prof. Arif and Prof. Veena are contributors to and co-authors of bestselling books - Wiley International Trends in Financial Reporting, Understanding And Conducting Information Systems Audit, Handbook on IFRS, Manual of Information Systems Audit, etc.

    They have also been consultants with the World Bank for projects involving designing of risk management models.

    Dubai, UAE

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Dubai is a luxurious city destination offering a contrast of east meets west, where the traditional and modern blend in harmony. Dubai is one of seven emirates that belong to the United Arab Emirates located in the Middle East.

    Some fast facts about Dubai, UAE

    • About 80 airlines land daily at the Dubai International Airport.
    • English is spoken quite fluently even though Arabic is the official language
    • Dubai has the largest free trade zone in the Middle East
    • The currency used is UAE Dirham which is pegged to the US Dollar
    • The time zone is GMT +4
    • Friday most businesses stay closed as it is the day of Friday prayers (Jumu'ah)
    • In 2016 Ramadan will take place in June

Date Course Fee Before
14 May 2017
Course Fee Before
18 June 2017
Final Fee
23 – 26 July 2017
US$ 3,995 US$ 4,495 US$ 4,995
Date Course Fee Before
8 October 2017
Course Fee Before
12 November 2017
Final Fee
17 – 20 December 2017
US$ 3,995 US$ 4,495 US$ 4,995

Course fees include documentation, luncheon and refreshments. Delegates who attend all sessions will receive a Certificate of Attendance.


Book and pay full fee for two colleagues and the third attends for FREE

  • Not applicable in conjunction with corporate discounts
  • Payment to be settled before start of the course to avail the offer
  • This offer is not applicable on Early Bird Prices

For more information, email Andy Watts on a.watts@informa.com

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