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Certificate in Finance for Non-Finance Managers
شهادة مالية للمدراء غير الماليين
Transforms financial and accounting concepts into decision-making tools that the non-financial manager can use successfully every day
30 April – 3 May 2018
The Address Hotel, Dubai Marina, Dubai, UAE

Earn Up To 24 CPD Points

This course will provide delegates with the fundamental building blocks to enable them to read and interpret the financial data relating to their organisation. Starting with how a company is financially structured, how it trades and how it is funded, the workshop will go on to look at the primary financial statements. We will then look at some of the key ratios that will allow delegates to read and interpret the financial information for their organisations. The workshop will examine in detail some of the financial concepts in use within companies such as opex, capex, accruals, prepayments and depreciation before translating these concepts into budgeting and forecasting techniques. Finally we will look at the concepts of investment appraisal (including DCF, NPV, IRR and the WACC) and the fundamentals of asset valuation and the generation of goodwill. Delegates are encouraged to bring the financial statements and their management accounts for their organisations to the course to enable them to relate the concepts covered back to their own companies.

سوف توفر هذه الدورة للمشاركين الأسس التي تمكنهم من قراءة وتفسير البيانات المالية المتعلقة بشركاتهم. سوف تبحث ورشة العمل في البيانات المالية الأولية للشركة انطلاقاً من كيفية هيكلة الشركة مالياً، وكيفية تنفيذها لتجارتها وكيفية تمويلها. وسوف يبحث المشاركون بعدها في بعض النسب الرئيسية التي تسمح لهم بقراءة وتفسير المعلومات المالية لشركاتهم. وستعمل هذه الورشة على البحث بالتفصيل في بعض المفاهيم المالية المستخدمة داخل الشركات مثل النفقات التشغيلية، والنفقات الرأسمالية، والمستحقات، والمدفوعات المقدمة والاستهلاك قبل ترجمة هذه المفاهيم إلى تقنيات وضع الموازنة والتوقع. وأخيراً سوف تبحث الدورة في مفاهيم تقييم الاستثمار (بما في ذلك التدفقات النقدية المخصومة، وصافي القيمة الحالية، ومعدل العائد الداخلي ومعدل التكلفة)، وأسس تقييم الأصول وتوليد حسن النية. وسيتم تشجيع الحاضرين على إحضار البيانات المالية وحسابات الادارة الخاصة بشركاتهم بغية تمكينهم من ربط ما تعلموه بالمفاهيم السائدة في شركاتهم الخاصة.

  • Financial Overview
  • Understanding Money
  • Funding
  • The Role Of Banks
  • The Financial Statements – The Income Statement
  • The Financial Statements – The Balance Sheet
  • The Financial Statements – The Cash Flow Statement
  • Return On Investment
  • Operating Gearing
  • Financial Gearing
  • Leverage
  • Liquidity
  • What is Strategy?
  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Financial Concepts
  • Management Information
  • Asset Valuation
  • Creating Value
  • Building the Business Case
  • لمحة مالية عامة
  • فهم المال
  • التمويل
  • دور المصارف
  • القوائم المالية - بيان الدخل
  • القوائم المالية - الموازنة العمومية
  • القوائم المالية - بيان التدفقات النقدية
  • العائد على الاستثمار
  • التسخير التشغيل
  • التسخير المالي
  • الرافعة المالية
  • السيولة
  • ما هي الاستراتيجية؟
  • الموازنة والتوقع
  • المفاهيم المالية
  • المعلومات الإدارية
  • تقييم الأصول
  • خلق القيمة
  • بناء حالة الأعمال
Who Should Attend
  • Project Managers and Team Leaders
  • Divisional and Department Heads
  • IT Heads and Managers
  • HR Heads
  • Heads of Strategy and Planning

The course will also benefit experienced managers and directors with a limited formal financial background. Rising stars and manager moving into roles with financial accountability as well as managers with responsibility for the financial performance of a team, department or organisation.
  • مدراء المشاريع وقادة الفرق
  • رؤساء الأقسام والإدارات
  • رؤساء ومدراء تكنولوجيا المعلومات
  • رؤساء الموارد البشرية
  • رؤساء الاستراتيجية والتخطيط

كما سيستفيد من هذه الدورة المدراء والمسؤولين الخبراء الذين يملكون خلفية مالية محدودة والمدراء الذين يتولون مناصب يواجهون فيها المساءلة المالية وكذلك المدراء المسؤولين عن الأداء المالي للفريق أو الإدارة أو الشركة ككل.

Benefits Of Attending
  • Gain a thorough understanding of the wide range of financial terms and concepts
  • Apply the financial concepts and policies behind the management decision processes
  • Recognise the impact of effective working capital management on company cash flow
  • Control business operations through effective budget management and be able to assess and control the impact of day-to-day business activities on a company's profitability
  • Communicate effectively with financial executives and top management and be able to interpret and analyse financial statements
  • الحصول على فهم شامل لمجموعة واسعة من المصطلحات والمفاهيم المالية
  • تطبيق المفاهيم والسياسات المالية التي تكمن خلف القرارات الإدارية المتعلقة بالعمليات
  • التعرف إلى أثر الإدارة الفعالة لرأس المال العامل على التدفق النقدي للشركة
  • السيطرة على العمليات التجارية من خلال الإدارة الفعالة للموازنة والقدرة على تقييم ومراقبة أثر الأنشطة التجارية اليومية على ربحية الشركة
  • التواصل الفعال مع المسؤولين التنفيذيين الماليين والإدارة العليا والقدرة على تفسير وتحليل البيانات المالية
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About CPD

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CPD is the term used to describe the learning activities professionals engage in to develop and enhance their abilities and keep skills and knowledge up to date. This course is an accredited Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training which means it meets CPD standards and benchmarks. The learning value has been scrutinised to ensure integrity and quality.

Course Director

    Ted Wainman

    Ted Wainman trained and qualified as an Associate Chartered Accountant (ACA) with Ernst & Young before joining J.P. Morgan on the Investment Management side of the business. Whilst at J.P. Morgan, he undertook a company sponsored MBA in the International Management of Financial Services, from which he graduated at the top of his class with merit.

    Since 2003, Ted has been designing, developing and delivering programmes for the private sector across a range of business needs. Whether focused on programmes to build awareness and detailed understanding around financial drivers of their business, addressing new operational initiatives or supporting business change, Ted is experienced in working with delegates to apply the concepts covered to their specific business models.

    With a background in finance, Ted has a focus on financial and commercial training (including finance, strategy and leadership). Ted has worked with over 200 companies – primarily private or listed – from blue chips to financial services, including banks, building societies and insurance companies in over 30 countries spanning Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

    Ted is the author of How to Talk Finance: getting to grips with the numbers in business published by Pearson (FT) in May 2015.

Venue and Accommodation

    The Address, Dubai Marina


    The Address Dubai Marina
    Dubai Marina
    P.O. Box 32923, Dubai, UAE
    T: +971 4 4367777
    F: +971 4 4367788
    W: http://www.theaddress.com/en/hotel/dubai-marina

    click here for directions

    Standing tall in the heart of one of Dubai's most vibrant neighbourhoods, where crystal waters shimmer against modern architecture and luxury yachts moor alongside trendsetting restaurants, The Address Dubai Marina is a haven for the discerning traveller.

    With 200 luxurious rooms, five superb restaurants and lounges, a relaxing spa, spectacular infinity pool and state of the art meeting and event facilities, The Address Dubai Marina will keep you refreshed and inspired.

    Perfectly situated for your business needs, The Address Dubai Marina is just a short ride away from Dubai Media and Internet Cities, Knowledge Village, Jebel Ali Free Zone, and within walking distance from the metro station.

    And what is business without a little fun? With the white sand beaches of the Arabian Gulf just a stroll away, and the hotel's direct link to the stylish Dubai Marina Mall, The Address Dubai Marina gives you every reason to extend your stay and unwind.


    Special delegate rates have been negotiated at selected hotels and we highly recommend you secure your room reservation at the earliest to avoid last minute inconvenience. You can contact the Hospitality Desk for required assistance on:

    T:+971-4-407 2693
    F:+971-4-407 2517
    E: hospitality@informa.com


    Delegates requiring visas should contact the hotel they wish to stay at directly, as soon as possible. Visas for non-GCC nationals may take several weeks to process.

Course Fees
Date Course Fee Before
19 February 2018
Course Fee Before
26 March 2018
Final Fee
30 April – 3 May 2018
US$ 3,995 US$ 4,495 US$ 4,995
Course fees include documentation, luncheon and refreshments. Delegates who attend all sessions and successfully complete the course assessment will receive an Informa Certificate of Completion.

Pricing excludes 5% VAT, where applicable


Book and pay full fee for two colleagues and the third attends for FREE

  • Not applicable in conjunction with corporate discounts
  • Payment to be settled before start of the course to avail the offer
  • This offer is not applicable on Early Bird Prices

For more information, email Andy Watts on a.watts@informa.com

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