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Certificate In Financial Analysis
شهادة في التحليل المالي
Gain critical financial analysis skills to add significant value to strategic decision making
2 – 5 October 2017
Venue TBC, Dubai, UAE

To understand a corporate you need to be able to analyse its financial decisions and performances. These statements store more value between the lines than on print. Financial analysis involves understanding the emergence of the values in financial reports. This course focuses equally on the information content of the financial reports and what they represent for future of the entity. Failures of mega corporations underline the importance of understanding the events behind the reports.

It will take you through the entire process of defining a financial statement, unravelling the mysteries and myths of finance on the way, enabling you to unearth the hidden interpretations of these statements.

Delegates should bring their laptop with Excel installed for various case studies.

من أجل فهم الشركات عليكم أن تكونوا قادرين على تحليل القرارات والعروض المالية، إذ تخزن هذه البيانات قيمة كبيرة ما بين السطور. يشمل التحليل المالي فهمًا لقيمة التقارير المالية وتركز هذه الدورة على محتوى تلك التقارير وما تمثله من مستقبل للشركة. يؤكد فشل الشركات الضخمة أهمية فهم الأحداث السابقة لهذه التقارير.

سوف تفسر لكم هذه الدورة العمليّة الكاملة لتحديد البيانات المالية، وتكشف لكم أسرار التمويل، مما سيتيح لكم كشف التفسيرات الخفيّة لهذه البيانات

ينبغي أن يحضر المشتركون الكمبيوتر الخاص بهم وأن يتأكدوا من وجود برنامج Excel عليه لاستخدامه في مختلف دراسات الحالة.


Framework For Analysis

  • Business As A Financial System
  • Financial Analysis: Key Strategic Areas
  • Financial Statement Analysis

Dynamics Of A Business System

  • Analysis Of Financing Choices
  • Leverage Analysis
  • Break-even Analysis
  • Operating Strategy Analysis

Analysis For Valuation

  • Key To Valuation: Long Term Investment Decision Analysis
  • Valuation

Risk And Forecast

  • Financial Risk Analysis
  • Forecasting Techniques
  • Unravelling Accounting Tricks

إطار عمل التحليل

  • الأعمال كنظام مالي
  • تحليل الأعمال: المجالات الاستراتيجية الأساسية
  • تحليل البيانات المالية

القوى المحركة لنظام الأعمال

  • تحليل خيارات التمويل
  • تحليل القدرات
  • تحليل التعادل
  • تحليل استراتيجية العمليات

تحليل التقييم

  • مفتاح التقييم: تحليل قرار الإستثمار على المدى الطويل
  • التقييم

المخاطر والتوقع

  • تحليل المخاطر المالية
  • تقنيات التوقع
  • الكشف عن الخدع المستخدمة في المحاسبة
Who Should Attend

The course will be highly beneficial for all those who are involved in the understanding of financial statements or those who decide on performance improvement as well as for those who enter into financial relationships.

The course will be particularly helpful for finance professionals, bankers, portfolio managers, auditors, management advisors, compliance staff and corporate analysts.

تشكل هذه الدورة فائدة كبيرة لجميع الذين يشاركون في فهم البيانات المالية أو للذين يقررون تحسين الأداء، كما تشكل فائدة للذين يدخلون في علاقات مالية.

وتستهدف الدورة بشكل خاص خبراء المال والمصرفيين ومدراء المحافظ والمدققين ومستشاري الإدارة وموظفي الامتثال ومحللي الشركات.

Benefits Of Attending
  1. Relate financial reports to performance
  2. Develop an analytical framework for financial statement analysis
  3. Recognise how financial decisions improve performance and operations
  4. Conduct a value analysis of the entity
  5. Analyse long term decisions
  6. Identify financial risk factors and assess their impact
  7. Detect accounting manipulation
  • ربط التقارير المالية بالأداء
  • تطوير إطار عمل تحليلي لتحليل البيانات المالية
  • التعرف على كيفية اتخاذ القرارات المالية لتحسين الأداء والعمليات
  • إجراء تحليل القيمة للشركة
  • تحليل قرارات طويلة الأجل
  • تحديد عوامل المخاطر المالية وتقييم أثرها
  • كشف التلاعب بالمحاسبة
In Association With

    The George Washington University (GWU)

    The George Washington University School of Business is dedicated to excellence in its teaching and research about management within the United States and internationally. The school has a 75-year history of preparing men and women for leadership in both the private and public sectors. Known internationally for its dedication to academic excellence, the school draws students from all parts of the US and around the world. For further information on George Washington University School of Business, please visit their website www.sbpm.gwu.edu

    As Informa Middle East's academic partner, GW reviews a selected range Informa business and finance certificate courses and programmes. Delegates successfully completing these courses receive an Informa/GW Certificate of Completion. GW is also our academic partner for TwentyEighty formerly ESI) courses.

Course Directors

    Prof. Arif Ahmed
    South Asian Management Technologies Foundation

    Prof. Arif Ahmed is a Chartered Accountant and MBA (Finance) and has 25 years of experience under his belt in the area of finance and risk management.

    In addition to training, Prof. Ahmed has assisted many organisations to design and implement financial management and control systems across various industries including media,metals and minerals, logistics, banking, engineering, energy, hospitality, paper, etc.

    He is one of the most sought after speakers for his inimitable style of blending concepts with application in industry. Prof. Ahmed is the Director of South Asian Management Technologies Foundation based in India.

    Prof. Veena Hingarh
    Joint Director
    South Asian Management Technologies Foundation

    Prof. Veena Hingarh is a Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary, and a Certified Information System Auditor. A career rank-holder, Prof. Veena focuses on the areas of finance and their interface with information technology as her specialisation. Delegates gain from her insight into the working of finance and its integration with IT.

    Prof. Veena is the Joint Director of South Asian Management Technologies Foundation, India.

    Prof. Arif and Prof. Veena are contributors to and co-authors of bestselling books - Wiley International Trends in Financial Reporting, Understanding And Conducting Information Systems Audit, Handbook on IFRS, Manual of Information Systems Audit, etc.

    They have also been consultants with the World Bank for projects involving designing of risk management models.

Venue and Accommodation

    Dubai, UAE

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Dubai is a luxurious city destination offering a contrast of east meets west, where the traditional and modern blend in harmony. Dubai is one of seven emirates that belong to the United Arab Emirates located in the Middle East.

    Some fast facts about Dubai, UAE

    • About 80 airlines land daily at the Dubai International Airport.
    • English is spoken quite fluently even though Arabic is the official language
    • Dubai has the largest free trade zone in the Middle East
    • The currency used is UAE Dirham which is pegged to the US Dollar
    • The time zone is GMT +4
    • Friday most businesses stay closed as it is the day of Friday prayers (Jumu'ah)
    • In 2016 Ramadan will take place in June

Course Fees
Date Course Fee Before
24 July 2017
Course Fee Before
28 August 2017
Final Fee
2 – 5 October 2017
US$ 3,995 US$ 4,595 US$ 4,995

Course fee includes documentation, luncheon and refreshments. Delegates who attend all sessions and successfully complete the assessment will receive a Certificate of Completion from Informa/GW.

Any complaints, grievances or suggestion regarding CPE credit may be addressed to email: grievance@south-asian.org


Book and pay full fee for two colleagues and the third attends for FREE

  • Not applicable in conjunction with corporate discounts
  • Payment to be settled before start of the course to avail the offer
  • This offer is not applicable on Early Bird Prices

For more information, email Andy Watts on a.watts@informa.com

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