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Measuring & Managing Suppliers’ Performance
إدارة وقياس أداء الموردين
A practical course addressing key considerations for applying and achieving effective supplier and contract management practices and for measuring supplier performance
Dates, TBC
Venue TBC, Dubai, UAE
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Poor performance by a supplier or contractor can have disastrous effects on an organisation. Manufacturing organisations may have to delay delivery to their customers; poor quality goods or services may have a negative effect on an organisation's efficiency and effectiveness; as services are outsourced the effects of poor supplier performance can include loss of reputation, additional costs, and may even threaten the existence of a company. A number of recent government reports from countries around the world highlight the fact that even public sector organisations today suffer from poor supplier and contract management practices. This course is designed to address the key practical considerations for applying effective supplier and contract management practices.

يمكن للأداء الضعيف للموردين أن يكون له آثار وخيمة على شركاتكم إذ قد تضطر شركات التصنيع إلى تأخير عملية التسليم إلى العملاء كما يمكن لجودة المنتجات الرديئة أن تؤثر سلبيًا على فعالية الشركة.
وبينما تم الإستعانة بالمصادر الخارجية يمكن لأثر أداء الموردين الضعيف أن يشمل فقدان الشركة لسمعتها وتكاليف إضافية كما ويمكن أن يهدد هذا الأمر وجود الشركة ككل.
وقد سلطت التقارير الحكومية لبعض البلدان في أنحاء العالم الضوء على معاناة شركات القطاع العام اليوم من الممارسات الضعيفة لإدارة الموردين والعقود.
تم تصميم هذا البرنامج لمعالجة الإعتبارات الرئيسية العملية لتطبيق الممارسات الفعالة لإدارة الموردين والعقود.

  • The Essentials Of Monitoring And Measuring Supplier Performance
  • Preventing Problems – Supplier Due Diligence, And Ensuring The Right Supplier Is Selected
  • Measuring Supplier Performance In A Practical Way
  • Resolving Supplier Problems
  • اساسيات رصد أداء الموردين وقياسه
  • منع وقوع المشاكل – العناية الواجبة للموردين وضمان اختيار المورّد المناسب
  • قياس أداء المورّد بطريقة عملية
  • حل مشاكل الموردين
Who Should Attend
  • Procurement practitioners and others who are involved in managing suppliers and contractors
  • Managers and staff from other functions who work closely with suppliers or who are heavily reliant on suppliers' performance
  • Legal staff who are responsible for drafting contracts with suppliers and who need to include deliverables, outcomes and obligations in the contracts
  • الخبراء في إدارة المشتريات والأفراد المعنيين بإدارة الموردين والمقاولين
  • المدراء والموظفين الذين يعملون عن كثب مع الموردين أو الذين يعتمدون بشكل كبير على أداء الموردين
  • القانونيين المسؤولين عن صياغة العقود مع الموردين والذين يحتاجون إلى شمل المخرجات والنتائج والإلتزامات في العقود
Benefits Of Attending
  • Understand and be able to deal with the most common supplier management problems and their root causes
  • Explore the processes and routines that world-class companies use to prevent these problems from occurring
  • Recognise the need for different levels of supplier management for different categories of suppliers
  • Improve your ability to evaluate your current supplier management processes and arrive at ideas for improvement
  • Develop meaningful performance indicators for analysing your suppliers' performance
  • Assess the effectiveness of action plans for improving supplier performance in terms of cost, time, quality and innovation
  • التعرف إلى الأخطاء الشائعة لإدارة الموردين وتعلّم كيفية تجنبها
  • فهم كيفية تحديد الإختلاف بين المورد الأقل كلفة والمورد الأفضل
  • تطوير نهج يركز على وضع وتنفيذ استراتيجيات إدارة الموردين
  • تعلّم كيفية تصنيف الموردين ومتطلبات إدارة كل من المورد الأساسي والمورد الإستراتيجي والمورد المفضل
  • التعرف إلى أدوات إدارة الموردين المستخدمة في الشركات العالمية مثل مؤشرات الأداء الرئيسية وبطاقة الأداء المتوازن ومعايير مثل ISO 9000 وجائزة الشيخ خليفة للجودة.
Course Director

    Ann Ooi
    2BC Pte Ltd

    Ann is the Managing Director of 2BC Pte Ltd, a procurement consultancy which has offices in Singapore, London and Kuala Lumpur.

    A former Senior Commercial and Procurement Manager with 20 years of working experience, she has had significant hands-on experience covering procurement of direct and indirect material, negotiating multi-million dollar deals, managing global suppliers, and developing and managing high- value and complex contracts.

    Her recent experience includes:

    • Developing and delivering training programmes on procurement and negotiation in Asia and the Middle East
    • Designing, developing and implementing supplier and contract management processes in an organisation that had outsourced a number of key business functions
    • Overseeing the development of a series of practical procurement and contract management tools
    • Delivering a supplier management training programme for groups of vendor managers, which led to the successful implementation of a contract operationalisation process
    • Implementing strategic sourcing and procurement processes for technical personnel in an organisation which had no procurement function
    • Addressing the Informa Procurement Leadership Conference in Dubai where she contributed to a number of round table discussions and workshops covering negotiation, outsourcing and contract management
    • Delivering an advanced negotiation course for a major pharmaceutical company

    Ann graduated Magna Cum Laude in Finance and has an MSc in IT in Business. She is also a full Member of the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (MCIPS).

Venue and Accommodation

    Dubai, UAE

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Dubai is a luxurious city destination offering a contrast of east meets west, where the traditional and modern blend in harmony. Dubai is one of seven emirates that belong to the United Arab Emirates located in the Middle East.

    Some fast facts about Dubai, UAE

    • About 80 airlines land daily at the Dubai International Airport.
    • English is spoken quite fluently even though Arabic is the official language
    • Dubai has the largest free trade zone in the Middle East
    • The currency used is UAE Dirham which is pegged to the US Dollar
    • The time zone is GMT +4
    • Friday most businesses stay closed as it is the day of Friday prayers (Jumu'ah)
    • In 2016 Ramadan will take place in June

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