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An interactive guide to all the major concepts of reinsurance
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Tariq Bashwari
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Cynthia Fernandes
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Mohammed Al-Fariss
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Course One - Proportional Reinsurance

This two day course is particularly targeted at those who have some basic experience of reinsurance but who want to confirm, clarify and learn more about this very important area of reinsurance

Course Two - Non-Proportional (X/L) Reinsurance

This three day course is particularly targeted at those who have some basic experience of reinsurance but who want to confirm, clarify and learn more about this specific area of reinsurance as it grows in importance in the region.


Course One - Proportional Reinsurance

  • Introduction/Refresher
  • Proportional treaties – how they function and interact
  • Proportional Facultative Reinsurance
  • How it should operate
  • Rate – OGR/ONR
  • Proportional treaty and Fac X/L (treaty compression)
  • Key clauses – cooperation / control
  • Proportional reinsurance – why is it bought ?– obvious and less obvious reasons – capacity, knowledge, solvency, protection and others
  • Proportional reinsurance – why is it bought? – obvious and less obvious reasons (Continued)
  • Treaty balance – what and why is it so important?
  • Proportional treaty and the risk profile – how to use a risk profile in designing a proportional treaty
  • The accounts processes (a briefing)
  • Key proportional treaty clauses (a briefing)

Course Two - Non-Proportional (X/L) Reinsurance

  • Introduction/Refresher
  • Non- proportional treaties – how they function and interact
  • Fac X/L, why, how it should be used, first taste of pricing (exposure rating)
  • Basis of attachment (LOD/RAD) and their implications
  • Definitions – risk, event, reverse 2 risk warranty
  • Reinstatements – How they should be calculated
  • Pricing methodologies (exposure, probability , burning cost)
  • Pricing methods – continued
  • Utilisation of a risk profile
  • Key non-proportional treaty clauses
  • Other forms of non-proportional treaty covers
Who Should Attend
The two courses are particularly targeted at those who will be actively involved in reinsurance whether in buying, selling or where a firm understanding of the varying reinsurance techniques is needed and how they interact.
Benefits Of Attending
  • An up-to-date view of reinsurance and its products and the current market place
  • The true cost of reinsurance and pricing techniques
  • A detailed understanding on how all the reinsurance products work and are used
  • The importance of understanding the meaning of words – as they do not always mean what they seem to mean
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