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Executive Certificate In Festival And Festival And Event Management (ECFEM) | Event Safety And Security Management
شهادة تنفيذية في إدارة المهرجانات والمناسبات/ إدارة السلامة والأمن
Event managers who deliver success
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"IIR (Informa) Strikes again! Revolutionary concepts for those seeking radical change to ways of looking at business in today's information age. IIR (Informa) great effort!"

Tariq Bashwari
Planning Analyst
Saudi Aramco

"This event provides the building blocks for becoming not only an effective worker, but also for developing into a genuine and sincere human being."

Cynthia Fernandes
Services and Travel Buyer
Masterfoods ME

"It is a life changing course that touches all aspects of one's life."

Mohammed Al-Fariss
Staff Projects Engineer

"An excellent course – adds real value to our experience."

Omar Jahameh
Finance Supervisor
Qatar Airways

"IIR (Informa) is able to recognise and develop new trends. The delivery of innovative case studies adds tremendous value to conferences. This gives delegates the perfect balance between theory and practice. I believe in its formula."

Professor Robert Kaplan
Harvard University

Course 1

Destinations such as Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Qatar have recognised the power of festivals and events in diversifying their economies, increasing brand awareness and positioning their destinations on the world stage.

The Executive Certificate In Festival And Event Management (ECFEM) is a three-day intensive training course delivered in Abu Dhabi and Dubai and designed to provide a foundation of key skills and knowledge associated with the creation and delivery of corporate (e.g Conferences and Exhibitions), private (e.g Weddings) and public events (e.g Festivals, Sporting Events). The course outlines international industry best practice in event planning, project management, marketing and PR, human resources planning and management, and the conduct and evaluation of events.

The focus of the ECFEM is on developing an understanding of the theory and practice of creating and delivering various types of events. The course content is based on extensive discussions with festival and event management professionals.

Course 2

One real issue for everyone attending an academic course is to apply what they have learned to a practical situation. On this course every theoretical concept explored will then be applied through scenario-based learning. As the course is taught by a hybrid academic/practitioner these activities have all been part of his workplace activity for the past 20 to 40 years.

When reviewing the risk assessment of a venue the planned-for evacuation times from the space will be very different from what happens in reality – rather than everyone leaving the space at the same time immediately. Approximately 25% of those at the event will move closer to the issue to have a look especially if it is a fire. 50% in a concert environment will stay where they are as they will not believe that the issue is real and 25% will leave the venue immediately (Sime). In the Station Nightclub fire in the US, 100 died, 230 were injured and 132 survived eerily close to Sime's percentage calculations. This course shows participants how to apply evacuation theory to any workplace.

الدورة الأولى

اعترفت جهات مثل أبو ظبي ودبي وقطر بقوة المهرجانات والمناسبات في تنويع اقتصاداتها، من خلال زيادة الوعي بالعلامة التجارية وتحديد مواقعها على الساحة العالمية .

تمثل الشهادة التنفيذية في إدارة المهرجانات والمناسبات (ECFEM) دورة تدريبية مكثفة تمتد لثلاثة أيام في أبو ظبي ودبي وتهدف إلى توفير قاعدة من المهارات الأساسية والمعرفة المرتبطة بإنشاء وتقديم مناسبات الشركات (مثل المؤتمرات والمعارض) والمناسبات الخاصة (مثل حفلات الزفاف) والمناسبات العامة (مثل المهرجانات، الأحداث الرياضية). وتحدد الدورة مسار أفضل الممارسات العالمية في مجال  التخطيط للمناسبات وإدارة المشاريع، والتسويق والعلاقات العامة، وتخطيط الموارد البشرية والإدارة، وإجراء وتقييم المناسبات.

تركز الشهادة التنفيذية في إدارة المهرجانات والمناسبات (ECFEM) على تطوير فهمًا نظريًا وعمليًا لإنشاء وتقديم مختلف أنواع المناسبات. ويستند محتوى الدورة على مناقشات مكثفة مع خبراء في مجال إدارة المناسبات والمهرجانات.

الدورة الثانية

تتمثل المشكلة التي يواججها جميع من يحضر دورة أكاديمية بتطبيق ما تعلموه في الواقع العملي. سوف يتم خلال هذه الدورة تطبيق كافة المفاهيم النظرية من خلال التعلم القائم على السيناريو. كما سيتم تدريس الدورة من قبل أكاديميين يمارسون هذه الأنشطة في حياتهم العملية منذ مدة تتراوح بين العشرين والأربعين سنة.

عند استعراض تقييم المخاطر لمكان الحدث تكون خطة الاخلاء مختلفة جدًا عن ما يحدث في الواقع – إذ لا يتهافت الجميع لترك المكان في نفس الوقت وعلى الفور. 25٪ من الموجودين تقريبًا سيقتربون لإلقاء نظرة على ما يحدث وخاصة في حال اندلاع حريق. 50٪ سيلازمون أماكنهم إذ لن يعوا خطورة ما يحدث و 25٪ سيغادرون المكان على الفور (ٍSime). في حريق محطة ملهى ليلي في الولايات المتحدة، لقي مئة شخص حتفهم، وأصيب 230 فيما بقي 132 منهم على قيد الحياة وذلك وفقًا لحسابات نسبة سايم (Sime's percentage calculations).

تظهر هذه الدورة  للمشاركين كيفية تطبيق نظرية الإخلاء في أي مكان للعمل.

Course 1
  • Festival And Event Introduction, Planning And Initiation
  • Festival And Event Production, Marketing And Sponsorship
  • Festival And Event Financial And Risk Management, Control And Evaluation

Course 2
  • Introduction To Risk Assessment
  • Managing Risk
  • The Risk Assessment Matrix
  • Working In Anti-Social Environments
  • Crowd Management Planning
  • Applying A Holistic Approach
  • Testing The Planning Assumptions
  • Partnerships
  • Roles And Responsibilities
  • The Plan In Practice

الدورة الأولى

  • إنشاء الحدث/المهرجان والتخطيط له وتقديمه
  • الترويج للحدث/المهرجان والتسويق له وإنتاجه
  • تقييم المخاطر المالية للحدث/المهرجان ومراقبتها وإدارتها

الدورة الثانية

  • تعريف لتقييم المخاطر
  • إدارة المخاطر
  • مصفوفة تقييم المخاطر
  • العمل في بيئات غير اجتماعية
  • تخطيط إدارة الحشود
  • تطبيق نهج شامل
  • اختبار افتراضات التخطيط
  • الشراكات
  • الادوار والمسؤوليات
  • الخطة في الممارسة
Who Should Attend
Course 1

This entry to intermediate level course is mainly designed for event, communication and marketing professionals who need to improve their skills and knowledge about event organisation, planning and management.

  • Event professionals such as event organisers, coordinators, supervisors and managers
  • Festival organisers
  • Conference/meeting and exhibition planners
  • Public event officers/coordinators and managers
  • Sport event organisations

Also communication and marketing department staff, communication/ marketing assistants, coordinators and managers that will be in charge of planning events for their company.

Course 2
  • Event managers
  • Security managers, supervisors and operatives
  • Promoters
  • Venue managers
  • Site managers
  • Health & Safety operatives and managers
  • Event management students and lecturers
  • Crowd management operatives, supervisors and managers
  • Leisure managers
  • Local government officers

الدورة الأولى

تم تصميم هذه الدورة من المستوى المتوسط للمحترفين في تصميم الحدث والاتصال والتسويق الذين يحتاجون إلى تحسين مهاراتهم ومعارفهم بتنظيم الحدث والتخطيط له وإدارته.

  • المهنيين مثل منظمي الحدث، والمنسقين والمشرفين والمدراء
  • منظمو المهرجانات
  • المخططين للمؤتمرات/الاجتماعات والمعارض
  • الضباط في الحدث العام/المنسقين والمدراء
  • منظمات الحدث الرياضي

كما تتوجه هذه الدورة إلى موظفي إدارة الاتصالات والتسويق ومساعديهم والمنسقين والمدراء الذين سيتولون مسؤولية التخطيط لأنشطة الشركة.

الدورة الثانية

  • مدراء الحدث
  • مدراء الأمن والمشرفين والعاملين
  • المروجين للحدث
  • مدراء المكان
  • مدراء الموقع
  • المدراء والعاملين في مجال الصحة والسلامة
  • طلاب إدارة الحدث والمحاضرين
  • عناصر إدارة الحشود والمشرفين والمدراء
  • مدراء الترفيه
  • الضباط المحليون
Benefits Of Attending
  1. Understand the theory and practice of event planning, promotion and implementation
  2. Determine and examine the importance of effective project aims, objectives and budgeting
  3. Measure the importance of effective safety, security and risk management strategies
  4. Identify marketing, public relations and sponsorship strategies that will help to optimise your events
  5. Develop knowledge and skills in human resources planning and management in event organisation
  • فهم نظرية التخطيط للحدث والترويج له وتنفيذه
  • تحديد ودراسة أهمية أهداف وموازنة المشاريع
  • قياس أهمية استراتيجيات السلامة والأمن والإدارة الفعالة للمخاطر
  • تحديد التسويق والعلاقات العامة واستراتيجيات الرعاية التي من شأنها أن تساعد على تحسين الحدث
  • تطوير المعارف والمهارات المتعلقة بتخطيط الموارد البشرية وإدارة تنظيم الحدث
Course Directors

    Dr. Jane Ali-Knight

    Jane is founding member and Director of the Edinburgh Institute: Festivals, Events and Tourism (EIFET) at Edinburgh Napier University and is Course Director of the ‘Executive Certificate in Festival & Event Management’. She currently leads and develops EIFEM operations in the UAE as well as lecturing at university in the UAE, UK and Hong Kong and facilitating training and development in the field.

    A recognised academic, Jane has presented at major conferences and has published widely in the areas of tourism, festival and event marketing and management. She is on the editorial boards of the Journal of Vacation Marketing, International Journal of Event Management Research and the International Journal of Event and Festival Management and has also been a Special Edition Editor for Event Management. She has also edited seminal text books in the area of festival and event management. Her event related experience extends to event corporate hospitality management and logistics through working for Emirates Flight Catering on the 2007 Dubai Air Show, publicity co-ordination and event management for the Abu Dhabi Film Festival (2007 - present) and extensive professional conference organisation.

    Paul Gudgin
    Festival Director / Consultant

    After leaving university, Paul took up his first post in the arts as Concerts’ Manager for the Aldeburgh Foundation. He was then appointed Manager of the Bury St Edmunds Festival in 1989. Over five years, Paul extended the event from a small cluster of productions over two weeks into a 16-day showcase described by The Times newspaper as ‘one of the best small Festivals in Britain’. Paul became General Manager of the Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh in 1995, home to the Scottish Chamber Orchestra hosting over 300 events a year. He maintained his strong association with festivals as the Queen’s Hall hosts events by the Edinburgh International Festival and the Festival Fringe. Paul was appointed Director of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in April 1999. His eight years at the Fringe saw an unprecedented expansion of the event passing several significant milestones and becoming increasingly international and high profile. Since leaving the Fringe, Paul has travelled to Finland, Ireland, Australia, Taiwan, South Korea, Holland and Russia giving talks, lectures and workshops on festival matters.

    Paul Gudgin has a wealth of experience in international festival management and training, delivering Festival Master classes all over the globe and sharing his experience of managing, amongst others, the world’s largest arts festival – the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

    Kenneth Wardrop
    BA (Hons) MBA MTS

    Kenneth has over 25 years of professional experience in destination marketing, brand management, economic development and regeneration, cultural tourism, and festival and events operations. He has a Masters in Business Administration degree from Strathclyde University.

    He is a former Chief Executive of the city's destination promotion body. While as Head of Economic Development of the City of Edinburgh Council, he was responsible for the Council's investment in and management of Edinburgh's Winter Festivals, the Edinburgh International Science Festival, and other major events such as the MTV European Music Awards. He was a founding director of the board of the Edinburgh Convention Bureau and served on the board from 2005 to 2011. He has a track record of leading successful public - private sector collaborations.

    Kenneth has been a Visiting Research Fellow in the School of Marketing Tourism and Languages at Edinburgh Napier University since 2008 and lectures on Festivals and Events Management and Tourism in Edinburgh and overseas. Kenneth has been an Associate of the Edinburgh Institute since 2011, and is Project Director of the Destination Leaders Programme for Scottish tourism industry professionals. He also manages his own tourism consultancy business.

    Professor Chris Kemp

    Professor Chris Kemp is a former Rock, Indie, Theatre and Dance promoter, as well as being a venue manager and a university Pro Vice Chancellor during his high powered career in event, crowd and security management. He was recently awarded the coveted Excellence and Passion award at the European Festival Awards held in Groningen (Holland) for his work over the past two decades in helping to make events safer.

    Chris had written 12 books on health, safety, crowd management, musicology, education and music event theory and has published countless reports and papers as well as training staff for major clients including the FA group, Wembley Stadium, Network Rail, the O2 Arena, Liverpool ACC Arena, the Sydney Opera House, Melborne Cricket Ground, The National Atrnas Association, the Barclaycard and Genting arenas as well as many other event venues across the world.

    Chris also trains the Scottish Police Force in crowd management, works on both Grand Prix and Formula E at Silverstone and Battersea Park and has facilitated the table-top exercise for London New Year's Eve Fireworks for the past nine years. He was also called down for the Health and Safety Executive for crowd management issues at the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games.

    He has developed over 200 courses in crowd management, events, sports events, festival management and entertainment areas over the past 20 years and his consultancy provides 35 courses credit rated by Edinburgh Napier University.

Venue and Accommodation

    Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


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