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Certificate in Cash Flow Management
شهادة في إدارة التدفق النقدي
Maximise The Performance Of Your Cash Flow Management Strategies
Dates, TBC
Venue TBC, Dubai, UAE
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Planning Analyst
Saudi Aramco

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Cynthia Fernandes
Services and Travel Buyer
Masterfoods ME

"It is a life changing course that touches all aspects of one's life."

Mohammed Al-Fariss
Staff Projects Engineer

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Omar Jahameh
Finance Supervisor
Qatar Airways

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Professor Robert Kaplan
Harvard University


Earn 24 CPE credits

The course will explain the critical role that cash plays in determining eventual success or failure of a business model. Many times, a great business idea ends up benefitting the bankers alone because of a faulty cash management policy and system. This course will define the contact points of business and the cash cycle so that delegates know where the critical attention areas are. The course will integrate the business process flow with cash flow and accentuate the critical success factors that help organisations do more with a limited cash resource. You will recognise the calibrating issues in cash flow which will reduce the dependence on your bank. You will also explore the complexities of cash management with reference to the risks of being exposed to foreign currency, and understand the working of cash flow hedges.

سوف تشرح هذه الدورة أهمية دور السيولة النقدية في تحديد نجاح أو فشل نموذج الأعمال التجارية.

وستسمح لكم بتحديد التواصل بين الأعمال ودورة السيولة النقدية.

تدمج هذه الدورة تدفق العمليات التجارية مع التدفقات النقدية كما تبرز أهم عوامل النجاح التي تساعد الشركة على تحقيق المزيد بموارد نقدية محدودة.

سوف تتعرفون من خلال هذه الدورة على معايير التدفق النقدي التي تقلل من اعتمادكم على المصارف وستطرح تعقيدات إدارة السيولة النقدية مع الإشارة إلى مخاطر العملة الأجنبية، كما ستشرح تحوّط التدفقات النقدية.

  • Day One: Cash Is King
  • Day Two: Monitoring And Manage
  • Day Three: Optimise And Gain
  • Day Four: International Cash Management
  • دور مدير التدفق النقدي
  • السيولة النقدية والأرباح – تحقيق التوازن بين السيولة النقدية والمدفوعات والأرباح
  • دورة التدفق النقدي – دورة الاستلام ودورة الإنفاق
  • إدارة التعويم
  • ربط الموازنة العمومية بالأرباح والخسائر والسيولة النقدية
  • بيانات التدفقات النقدية
  • بيانات التدفقات الرأسمالية
  • إعداد بيانات التدفقات النقدية
  • السيولة النقدية الناتجة عن تشغيل واستثمار وتمويل الأنشطة
  • توقعات التدفقات النقدية والموازنات النقدية
  • مراقبة الموازنة والتدفق النقدي
  • عقد النقدية الأمثل
  • تحليل السيولة
  • تحليل الأداء المبني على السيولة النقدية
  • تمويل التدفق النقدي
  • البدائل التمويلية على المدى القصير
  • أسواق القطاع الأجنبي
Who Should Attend

The well-researched course reflects practical experiences and will be useful for executives responsible for cash flow in their organisation. Financial controllers, Chief finance officers, Cash controller, Cash flow managers, Treasury managers, Finance managers, Accountants, Budget Managers, and Financial analysts will find the course particularly useful.

تسهدف هذه الدورة المدراء التنفيذيين المسؤولين عن التدفق النقدي في شركاتهم. كما تستهدف المراقبين الماليين والمدراء الماليين ومراقبي السيولة النقدية ومدراء التدفق النقدي ومدراء الإدارات ومدراء الخزينة والمحاسبين والمحللين الماليين.

Benefits Of Attending
  • Understand how cash flow affects profitability and growth
  • Analyse performance of your cash management function
  • Compute your own cash cycle and improve the design
  • Decide on investment projects based on cash flow
  • Design excel based models to optimise cash utilisation
  • Mitigate the risks of foreign exchange exposure through hedge
  • فهم كيفية تأثير التدفق النقدي على الربحية والتطور
  • تحليل وتعزيز أداء وظيفة إدارة التدفق النقدي
  • حساب الدورة النقدية وتطوير تصميمها
Course Director

    Prof. Arif Ahmed
    South Asian Management Technologies Foundation

    Prof. Arif Ahmed, is a Chartered Accountant and MBA (Finance) and a Doctorate in Finance. He has 25 years of experience in the area of finance and risk management.

    In addition to training, Prof. Ahmed has assisted many organisations to design and implement financial management and control systems across various industries including media, metals and minerals, logistics, banking, engineering, energy, hospitality, paper, etc.

    He is one of the most sought-after speakers for his inimitable style of blending concepts with application in industry. Prof. Ahmed is the Director of South Asian Management Technologies Foundation based in India.

    Prof. Veena Hingarh
    Joint Director
    South Asian Management Technologies Foundation

    Prof. Veena Hingarh, is a Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary, and a Certified Information System Auditor. A career rank-holder, Prof. Veena focuses on the areas of finance and their interface with information technology as her specialisation. Delegates gain from her insight into the working of finance and its integration with IT.

    Prof. Veena is the Joint Director of South Asian Management Technologies Foundation, India.

    Prof. Arif and Prof. Veena are contributors to and co-authors of bestselling books – Wiley International Trends in Financial Reporting, Understanding And Conducting Information Systems Audit, Handbook on IFRS, Manual of Information Systems Audit, etc. They have also been consultants with the World Bank.

Venue and Accommodation

    Dubai, UAE

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Dubai is a luxurious city destination offering a contrast of east meets west, where the traditional and modern blend in harmony. Dubai is one of seven emirates that belong to the United Arab Emirates located in the Middle East.

    Some fast facts about Dubai, UAE

    • About 80 airlines land daily at the Dubai International Airport.
    • English is spoken quite fluently even though Arabic is the official language
    • Dubai has the largest free trade zone in the Middle East
    • The currency used is UAE Dirham which is pegged to the US Dollar
    • The time zone is GMT +4
    • Friday most businesses stay closed as it is the day of Friday prayers (Jumu'ah)
    • In 2016 Ramadan will take place in June

Course Fees
Date Course Fee Before
11 December 2017
Course Fee Before
15 January 2018
Final Fee
19 – 22 Febraury 2018
US$ 3,995 US$ 4,495 US$ 4,995
Course fees include documentation, luncheon and refreshments. Delegates who attend all sessions and pass the course examination will receive an Informa Certificate of Completion.

Any complaints, grievances or suggestion regarding CPE credit may be addressed to email: grievance@south-asian.org.

Pricing excludes 5% VAT, where applicable


Book and pay full fee for two colleagues and the third attends for FREE

  • Not applicable in conjunction with corporate discounts
  • Payment to be settled before start of the course to avail the offer
  • This offer is not applicable on Early Bird Prices

For more information, email Andy Watts on a.watts@informa.com

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