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Measuring & Managing Supplier Relationships & Performance - Informa Middle East
Measuring & Managing  Supplier Relationships & Performance Training Course | Procurement & Supply Training Course

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Measuring & Managing Supplier Relationships & Performance


Level: Intermediate

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Course Director

Oni Oviri

Oni Oviri

Sasare Associates, UK

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To improve supplier performance, you must first have a system to measure and manage it. This comprehensive and interactive course addresses the detail needed for you to get the best out of your suppliers and drive continuous improvement in your organisation.

In an age of globalisation and digitalisation, organisations are confronted with suppliers located across the world, only communicating with each other through technology.

The more complex your supply chain is, the more sense it makes to measure and monitor supplier performance against contract requirements regularly and over a period of time. Best practice performance measurements provide the scope for organisations to know that they are getting what they contracted for when working with their suppliers.

Public, private and third sector organisations are now taking a more proactive approach to understanding the tools and techniques required in managing their suppliers successfully. Consequences of poor supplier performance has seen even world-class organisations facing reputational damage through delivery of poor quality goods or services, leading to increased cost and waste.

Ensuring your organisation's supply chain is managed efficiently and effectively enables you to anticipate and deter any possible issues that may arise from suppliers that could potentially disrupt your supply chain process.

This course will enable you to take a proactive approach to understanding how to manage your suppliers, anticipating common problems that may arise and how to tackle these with world-class tools and techniques with respect to your organisation's overall business strategy.

Case studies and video presentations will embody this course, providing you with deep level learning and the ability to apply concepts learned within your own organisation.

Who Should Attend

  • Business owners who wish to gain a deeper understanding of measuring and managing suppliers
  • Procurement professionals responsible for supplier management and supplier performance measurement
  • Senior managers who work closely with suppliers
  • Staff involved in developing specifications and sourcing suppliers, to gain a clearer understanding of performance management and measurement
  • Legal staff responsible for drafting contracts and contract management post award

Benefits of Attending

  • Adopt a strategic approach to managing your suppliers and understand how world-class organisations manage and measure their suppliers' performance, including the challenges they face
  • Critically evaluate your current supplier management process and identify areas of improvement
  • Segment suppliers to develop a clear understanding of which suppliers need to be measured and managed
  • Identify and develop appropriate performance indicators and use technology to measure your suppliers' performance
  • Develop strategies to reinforce positive working behaviours and prevent poor supplier performance and contract management

Course Details

Start Date: TBA

Duration: TBA

Location: TBA