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Advanced Enterprise Risk Management
Generate measurable value by aligning the ERM framework with corporate performance expectations to achieve strategic value
13 – 15 March 2018
The Address Hotel, Dubai Marina, Dubai, UAE

The turmoil in the world is continuing – with increasing public unrest fluctuating oil prices, natural disasters of a scale thought unimaginable, volatile stock markets and world economic uncertainty.

In this time of global uncertainty how do you steer course through difficult waters?

The answer is to recognise the only real link between all these events – RISK – and then to try to anticipate, manage and then exploit such risks at an enterprise level.

In many organisations risks, have been identified because of control failures or as a result of pressure from regulators or Government. The primary intent has often been to tick the box and avoid criticism.

Thankfully many organisations have realised that much more is needed and have developed an Enterprise Risk management (ERM) approach. This has ensured that risks that were previously managed in isolation can be aggregated and prioritised across the entire business.

However, stopping here is like driving a plane on a highway – it might go faster than the cars, but it hasn’t reached its full potential. Advanced Enterprise Risk Management goes one step further.

Risks are scored based on business materiality with each risk being evaluated and compared by it’s financial, legal, reputational, and regulatory impact, and classified by the effect they could have on the business.

New understandings of risk emerge, and efficient controls can be implemented to tackle what really matters to the business. And drive competitive advantage.

In short the focus becomes strategic value instead of managing costs.

يتم تسجيل المخاطر في هذه الدورة استنادًا إلى نسبية الأعمال من خلال تقييم كل خطر ومقارنته مع أثره المالي والقانوني والتنظيمي و أثره على السمعة كما يتم تصنيفه من خلال أثره على الأعمال.

تظهر الدورة مفاهيم جديدة للمخاطر بحيث يصبح بالإمكان تطبيق ضوابط فعالة لمعالجة المواضيع التي تهم الأعمال وتعزز الميزة التنافسية. بإختصار، يصبح التركيز على القيمة الإستراتيجية بدلًا من على إدارة التكاليف.  

Course Content

Taking ERM To The Next Level

  • Characteristics Of An Advanced ERM Process
  • ERM And Decision-Making
  • Exploring Global ERM Scenarios
  • The Risk Register Challenges
  • ERM Tips For Success

ERM Risk Measurement Techniques

  • Risk Measurement Methods
  • Risk Workshops
  • Delphi (Expert Analysis)
  • Ishikawa (Fishbone) Analysis
  • Failure Mode And Root Cause Analysis
  • Scenario Planning

More Risk Assessment Techniques

  • Fault Tree Analysis
  • Monte Carlo Simulations
  • Bayesian Networks
  • Emergent Risks
  • Key Risk Indicators (KRIs)
  • إدارة المخاطر المؤسسية في المشاريع والشراكات
  • نصائح لإدارة المخاطر المؤسسية بنجاح
  • ضمان وإدارة المخاطر المؤسسية
  • قياس المخاطر
  • التحليل لإدارة المخاطر المؤسسية بفعالية
  • تحديات سجل المخاطر
Who Should Attend
  • Chief Risk Officers
  • Risk Managers
  • Managers and Directors responsible for the risk management function or process
  • Heads of Internal Audit
  • Heads of Assurance functions
  • Senior Finance professionals

This course will be particularly useful for delegates that have previously attended the Enterprise Risk Management course (although, this is not a prerequisite)

  • المدراء التنفيذين لعمليات المخاطر
  • المدراء والمدراء المسؤولين عن وظيفة وعمليات إدارة المخاطر
  • رؤساء التدقيق الداخلي
  • رؤساء وظائف الضمان
  • كبار الخبراء الماليين
  • هذه الدورة مفيدة بشكل خاص للمشتركين الذين سبق أن حصلوا على شهادة في إدارة المخاطر المؤسسية على الرغم من أن ذلك ليس شرطًا لحضور الدورة الحالية.
Benefits Of Attending
  • Implement appropriate and varied techniques for the identification and assessment of risks
  • Engage the Board in the analysis of enterprise risk scenarios
  • Foster a culture that reinforces appropriate risk-taking to balance value creation and value protection
  • Clarify ERM accountabilities of all employees from executives to the front line
  • Implement key risk indicators (KRIs) for each line of business
  • Enhance achievement of corporate objectives by linking performance targets, and risk management actions
  • Develop risk appetite statements and apply risk tolerance techniques
  1. انتاج قيمة يمكن قياسها عن طريق مواءمة إطار عمل إدارة المخاطر في المؤسسة (ERM) مع توقعات الأداء
  2. إشراك مجلس الإدارة في تحليل سيناريوهات المخاطر المؤسسية
  3. تعزيز ثقافة المجازفة لتحقيق التوازن بين تحقيق القيمة والقيمة نفسها

    Phil Griffiths
    Founder and Managing Director
    Business Risk Management Ltd., UK

    Phil Griffiths is Founder and Managing Director of Business Risk Management Ltd. A Chartered Accountant, he has over 25 years' experience in Risk Management, internal audit and fraud prevention as a practitioner, professional adviser, facilitator and trainer. He has held top management positions with a number of international groups, in roles embracing finance, IT and general management.

    His specialisms are:

    • Assisting senior management to identify, manage and then exploit the risks within their business via facilitated business
    • Risk Management programmes
    • Helping internal audit functions to implement world class standards
    • Developing fraud prevention, detection and investigation programmes tailored specifically to clients' requirements
    • Training both private and public sector organisations in all the above disciplines

    Phil is recognised as an accomplished and charismatic facilitator, trainer and lecturer having advised many renowned organisations, coordinated top-level events and addressed national and international conferences on a wide range of critical business topics.

    He has worked extensively with all sectors in the Gulf during the past 10 years to enable such organisations to exploit their potential by managing their strategic risks and/or enhancing the effectiveness of their internal audit services. He is a renowned author and writer – his book, Risk Based Auditing, was published in 2006.

    The Address, Dubai Marina


    The Address Dubai Marina
    Dubai Marina
    P.O. Box 32923, Dubai, UAE
    T: +971 4 4367777
    F: +971 4 4367788
    W: http://www.theaddress.com/en/hotel/dubai-marina

    click here for directions

    Standing tall in the heart of one of Dubai's most vibrant neighbourhoods, where crystal waters shimmer against modern architecture and luxury yachts moor alongside trendsetting restaurants, The Address Dubai Marina is a haven for the discerning traveller.

    With 200 luxurious rooms, five superb restaurants and lounges, a relaxing spa, spectacular infinity pool and state of the art meeting and event facilities, The Address Dubai Marina will keep you refreshed and inspired.

    Perfectly situated for your business needs, The Address Dubai Marina is just a short ride away from Dubai Media and Internet Cities, Knowledge Village, Jebel Ali Free Zone, and within walking distance from the metro station.

    And what is business without a little fun? With the white sand beaches of the Arabian Gulf just a stroll away, and the hotel's direct link to the stylish Dubai Marina Mall, The Address Dubai Marina gives you every reason to extend your stay and unwind.


    Special delegate rates have been negotiated at selected hotels and we highly recommend you secure your room reservation at the earliest to avoid last minute inconvenience. You can contact the Hospitality Desk for required assistance on:

    T:+971-4-407 2693
    F:+971-4-407 2517
    E: hospitality@informa.com


    Delegates requiring visas should contact the hotel they wish to stay at directly, as soon as possible. Visas for non-GCC nationals may take several weeks to process.

Date Course Fee Before
11 December 2017
Course Fee Before
15 January 2018
Final Fee
13 – 15 March 2018
US$ 2,995 US$ 3,495 US$ 3,995

Course fees include documentation, luncheon and refreshments. Delegates who attend all sessions and successfully complete the course assessment will receive an Informa Certificate of Completion.

Pricing excludes 5% VAT, where applicable


Book and pay full fee for two colleagues and the third attends for FREE

  • Not applicable in conjunction with corporate discounts
  • Payment to be settled before start of the course to avail the offer
  • This offer is not applicable on Early Bird Prices

For more information, email Andy Watts on a.watts@informa.com

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