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Certificate in Delivering Service Excellence - Informa Middle East
Certificate in Delivering Service Excellence Training Course | Business Operations Training Course

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Certificate in Delivering Service Excellence

Course Director

Alan Power

Alan Power

Managing Director
Mpower (UK) Ltd., UK

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In order to develop a reputation for Service Excellence organisations need to become customer-centric. They need to put their customers at the heart of everything they do whether it’s financial control, investment, marketing, recruitment, training, sales, decision-making, process design, organisation design, procurement, innovation, strategic planning, indeed, literally everything is aligned to serving their customers!

The popular thought that an organisation can become World Class by product innovation is flawed. Yes, a new product may allow you to capture the imagination and the interest of consumers but if your service fails to live up to expectations then consumers will turn to an alternative supplier; a product can be replicated rather easily, great service less so.

And the big benefit of delivering a World Class service?

Loyal customers! And the benefit of having loyal customers?

  • Loyal customers will keep coming back
  • Loyal customers will buy more of your products
  • Loyal customers will become advocates of your organisation which will lead to more customers
  • Loyal customers are often prepared to pay a premium for your service
  • Loyal customers will be more tolerant of any problems you may encounter
  • Loyal customers stay with you and are therefore cheaper to manage than new customers because they know their way around your organisation.

The big issue for many organisations is they do not have the culture, the leadership, the systems, the processes or the people to become World Class so they need a new approach.

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