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Balanced Scorecard Master Professional (BSMP)
Certification Application Course
ماجستير في بطاقة الأداء المتوازن (BSMP)
دورة تطبيق
Lead A Balanced Scorecard Planning And Management System Implementation
19 – 23 November 2017
The Conrad Hotel, Dubai, UAE

This is a required course for Balanced Scorecard practitioners who want to achieve the highest level of certification – Master Professional Certification – from the Balanced Scorecard Institute. This course is designed for those who have already achieved the BSP certification and passed the exam. This course includes advanced Balanced Scorecard topics, mentoring from a senior Institute certifying trainer, and the development of a student practical application.

تعتبر هذه الدورة ضرورية للعاملين في مجال بطاقة الأداء المتوازن والذين يودون تحقيق مستوى أعلى من الشهادات – ماجستير – من معهد بطاقة الأداء المتوازن.

تم تصميم هذه الدورة لحاملي شهادة بطاقة الأداء المتوازن الذين نجحوا في الإمتحان وهي تشمل مواضيع متقدمة في مجال بطاقة الأداء المتوازن وتوجيه من قبل أحد كبار المدربين في المعهد وتطوير التطبيق العملي للمشاركين.

Course Content
  • Overview Of Balanced Scorecard Principles
  • The Balanced Scorecard Development Process
  • Change Management Aspects Of Balanced Scorecard Systems
  • Advanced Scorecard Development Techniques
  • Managing With The Balanced Scorecard
  • Application And Certification Exam
  • لمحة عامة عن مبادئ بطاقة الأداء المتوازن
  • عملية تطوير بطاقة الأداء المتوازن
  • جوانب إدارة التغيير من خلال أنظمة بطاقة الأداء المتوازن
  • التقنيات المتقدمة لتطوير بطاقة الأداء المتوازن
  • الإدارة من خلال بطاقة الأداء المتوازن
  • التطبيقات والإمتحان
Who Should Attend

This application course is for Certified Balanced Scorecard Professsionals who want to achieve the highest level of certification – Master Professional Certification – from the Balanced Scorecard Institute.

This course is a way to "upgrade" their work to full BSMP certification. The program is ideal for participants charged with building, implementing, managing, and sustaining Balanced Scorecard planning and management systems. It was developed for members of internal Balanced Scorecard teams who want to learn how to build, deploy, and sustain scorecard systems, and to help them incorporate lessons learned and best practices into the development of a strategic management system.

تم تخصيص هذه الدورة لحاملي شهادة بطاقة الأداء المتوازن الذين يودون تحقيق مستوى أعلى من الشهادات في هذا المجال – ماجستير- من معهد بطاقة الأداء المتوازن وتعتبر هذه الدورة بمثابة وسيلة للإرتفاع بشهاداتهم.

يعتبر هذا البرنامج مثاليًا للمشاركين المكلفين ببناء وتنفيذ وإدارة أنظمة إدارة وتخطيط بطاقة الأداء المتوازن والحفاظ عليها. وقد تم تطويرها لأعضاء فرق بطاقة الأداء المتوازن العالميين الذين يرغبون في تعلم كيفية بناء ونشر واستدامة أنظمة بطاقة الأداء المتوازن ومساعدتهم على استيعاب الدروس المستفادة وأفضل الممارسات في تطوير أنظمة الإدارة الإستراتيجية. 

Benefits Of Attending
  1. Comprehensive approaches to strategic planning, strategic thinking, strategy mapping, strategic management, performance measurement and target setting, initiative prioritization, performance information systems, and program evaluation
  2. The Institute’s Nine Step methodology for building and implementing Balanced Scorecard (BSC) planning and management systems
  3. Communications strategy development and change management aspects of the Balanced Scorecard journey
  4. Facilitation and coaching skills necessary to lead team workshops to develop your Balanced Scorecard system
  5. Develop your own Balanced Scorecard system with the help of an experienced consultant
  • المناهج الشاملة للتخطيط والتفكير الإستراتيجي ورسم الخرائط الإستراتيجية والإدارة الإستراتيجية وقياس الأداء وتحديد الأهداف وتحديد الأولويات وأنظمة المعلومات المتعلقة بالأداء وتقييم البرامج.
  • منهجية الخطوات التسع لبناء وتطبيق خطط وأنظمة إدارة بطاقة الأداء المتوازن
  • تطوير استراتيجية الإتصال وجوانب إدارة التغيير لبطاقة الأداء المتوازن
  • المهارات الإرشادية والتدريبية اللازمة لقيادة ورشات العمل وتطوير أنظمة بطاقة الأداء المتوازن.
  •  اختيار البرامج المناسبة لجمع المعلومات المتعلقة بالأداء وإعداد التقارير ذات الصلة. 
A Global Partner of

Balanced Scorecard Institute

The Balanced Scorecard Institute, a Strategy Management Group company provides training, certification and consulting services to commercial, government, and non-profit organizations in applying best practice in Balanced Scorecard, strategic performance management and measurement, and transformation and change management.

Products and services include public and on-site courses, facilitation and consulting services, and information and tools used by executives, managers and analysts to transform their organizations into "performance excellence" organizations.

The Institute also provides, through the website, a resource to obtain information, ideas and best practice based on lessons learned from extensive experience in building strategic management and performance measurement systems using the award-winning Nine Steps to Success® Balanced Scorecard methodology.

(Certification and training related to the Nine Steps to SuccessTM methodology is for internal facilitation and personal use only. Any use of the Nine Steps to SuccessTM or other Institute intellectual property beyond internal facilitation use without a formal affiliate or associate agreement with the Institute is prohibited.)

Certification Partners

Certifications are offered through BSI and The George Washington University College of Professional Studies (GWUCoPS).

    Juliette Bastian
    Business Development Director

    Juliette Bastian is the Business Development Director and Senior Consulting Associate with over 28 years of progressive experience in all areas of business administration with governmental and non-profit organizations. She has a proven track record of leadership skills and accomplishments resulting in increased efficiencies, successful project management and effective solutions.

    Her experience includes strategic planning leadership for a private non-profit community action agency as well as other executive and management level positions. Her responsibilities have included management consulting, change management, organizational development, special projects, and representation for local government entities at the state and national levels.

    Juliette was unanimously appointed by the Board of Supervisors to a leadership position with the responsibility of maintaining accurate records for the largest county in the contiguous United States. She holds the distinguished honor of the first African-American appointed to this position in the state of California.

    She has strong leadership, public presentation, educational training, marketing, consulting, analytical, change management, administrative and people skills and has organized and lead numerous fundraising efforts, conferences and other special projects.

    Juliette holds a BA in Business Administration from Cal State San Bernardino and is a certified Balanced Scorecard Master Professional, a certified American Management Associate, a Certified Public Office Employee as well as a Passion Test Facilitator.

    Conrad Hotel, Dubai

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Conrad Hotel, Dubai, UAE

    Located conveniently in the hub of Dubai's commercial centre on Sheikh Zayed Road, Conrad Dubai is a stylish city haven within close proximity to Dubai's international financial and convention centre, one of the world's fastest growing airports, as well as world-class shopping destinations.

    • Impressive 54-story hotel
    • 555 luxury rooms and suites
    • Restaurant & Bar collection of 3 contemporary venues
    • One of the largest meeting spaces in the city, with a total area of 4,400 sqm
    • 5,500 sqm outdoor urban pool oasis
    • Fully equipped spa of 2,000 sqm
    • Full valet parking and automated car park with 1,056 parking spaces
    • Most convenient access to the World Trade Centre

    Conrad Dubai
    Sheikh Zayed Road
    P.O. Box 115143 Dubai
    Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Tel +971 (4) 444 7444
    Fax +971 (4) 444 7445


    Special delegate rates have been negotiated at selected hotels and we highly recommend you secure your room reservation at the earliest to avoid last minute inconvenience. You can contact the Hospitality Desk for required assistance on:

    T:+971-4-407 2693
    F:+971-4-407 2517


    Delegates requiring visas should contact the hotel they wish to stay at directly, as soon as possible. Visas for non-GCC nationals may take several weeks to process.

Date Course Fee Before
10 September 2017
Course Fee Before
15 Ocotber 2017
Final Fee
19 – 23 November 2017
US$ 4,495 US$ 4,995 US$ 5,495

Course fees include documentation, luncheon and refreshments. Delegates who attend all sessions will receive a Certificate of Attendance.

Pricing excludes 5% VAT, where applicable


Book and pay full fee for two colleagues and the third attends for FREE

  • Not applicable in conjunction with corporate discounts
  • Payment to be settled before start of the course to avail the offer
  • This offer is not applicable on Early Bird Prices

For more information, email Andy Watts on

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